10 Tips For Moving Stress-Free

10 Tips For Moving Stress-Free

Do you feel like moving into your new home, but are you also dreading the move? Maybe you are afraid of losing things; you fear unexpected problems or dread the necessary lugging around. Does relocation stress seem inevitable? Still, you can move stress-free with these ten tips for stress-free moving. These are all tips that you may not just think about, but that can certainly help you.

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10 Tips For Moving Stress-Free

1.  Take your time

It can be tempting to work right up to your move and plan all the moving issues in one weekend or week. Stress-free moving only starts with giving yourself the time to get everything in order. Start your preparations on time to avoid last-minute stress. For example, consciously take a few days off before your move. Also, don’t feel guilty about canceling a dinner or birthday. Such a move costs enough energy.

2.  Report address changes in one go

A move also means that you must notify the necessary changes of address, for example, to insurance companies or your internet provider. It can pay to take a day consciously and to arrange this in one go. First, compile a list of all instances and then sit in front of it. Afraid that you will receive mail at your old address? Then leave several addressed envelopes with stamps with the new residents so that they can forward the mail.

3.  Take a critical look at your belongings

The more things you have, the more you need to bring to your new home. And it is a shame if you take something with you to your new home and then throw it away anyway. An excellent first step is, therefore, to take a critical look at all your belongings. For example, make three stacks: what to keep, what to get rid of, and what to sell. It can save you the necessary moving boxes, but it will also give you peace of mind and in your new home.

4.  Enlist the help of others

A move can be stressful, but you don’t have to do it alone. You can, of course, hire movers, but there are probably also family members or friends who want to lend you a hand. For example, how about that one friend who has a talent for assembling furniture? And do you have an uncle with a van? Maybe he can transfer things to your new home. If you prepare a nice lunch for all the helpers, you make something nice out of it.

5.  Organize moving boxes logically

If you pack your things logically for the move, you can save a lot of time. For example, use different boxes for different rooms. Also, consider the distribution of the weight of your things. Spread the weight over the boxes to avoid damage to your belongings or a sore back. You can also put heavy items in trolleys. You have to take those suitcases with you anyway, so it is only helpful to fill them with something.

6.  Write what’s inside the boxes

Especially if you have many things, you have to take a lot of boxes with you to your new home. As a result, you could sometimes lose the overview. You can prevent this by clearly stating what is inside or for which rooms the boxes are intended on each box. You can then immediately place the boxes in the correct room when unpacking.

Extra tip: When unpacking, start with the room that you will be using first.

7.  Pack essential items in one box

Your moving items probably also contain things that you would like to have within reach. Think important papers, cooking supplies, clothes for the next day, or toiletries. To avoid move stress, it is best to pack those items in one separate box. As a result, your most essential items are always easy to find, and you do not have to go to all the boxes. This way you also know for sure that you will not lose any essential things.

8.  Dare to delegate

Stress-free relocation also means that you do not take on all the tasks yourself. Of course, you can ask friends or family members to help you, but professional help can also be very welcome. Dare to divide tasks or assign relocation jobs to someone who knows the business. There is the Findio Renovation Coach, who can help you furnish and design your new home. Whether you need help with inspiration for your new home or are looking for a contractor to take on the concrete work, the Find Home Improvement Coach is there for you.

9.  Measure your furniture in advance

There is nothing more annoying than a sofa that suddenly turns out not to fit through the doorway during the move. Therefore, measure in advance whether everything works. It can certainly help in a flat with a staircase. You can already take into account that you have to disassemble a particular piece of furniture to drag it. That saves you the necessary frustration and possible damage to your door frame.

10.  Take care of yourself

A move is quite an achievement. You still have to do the necessary physical work, and there is a lot of planning. Therefore, take good care of yourself, especially at the time of a move. Get enough sleep, and don’t forget to eat and drink regularly enough. Also, take regular breaks or, for example, look for a walk in the open air for half an hour.