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To support the Indian startup ecosystem, 100X.VC launched the non-profit initiative Entrepreneurship Gurukul. The 100X.VC initiative provides prospective entrepreneurs with an educational platform free of charge, free of equity and free of charge. The initiative will bring together the startup strategies of industry experts to catalyze the transformation of ideas into a startup company through master classes as well as their real-world experiences.

In order to select the suitable founders for the initiative, 100X.VC thoroughly scanned the applications received. Finally, 200 founders were brought on board for the 12 weekly sessions with live and video recordings. Shortlisted and accepted into the program founders were finalized based on their ability to solve a challenging problem. This made a real difference in the solutions, the potential to scale their solution, and the founders’ vision aligned with their purpose.

Ninad Karpe, partner of 100X.VC, commented on the initiative: “We are selecting the best minds of the Indian entrepreneur and improving his entrepreneurial skills. One of the main focuses of the program is improving skills related to developing scalable business models, pricing the product, and understanding finances. As part of this program, we also focus on soft skills such as presenting and pitching for fundraising. This real results-based learning. At 100X.VC, we pride ourselves on pioneering entrepreneurship through a structured program. “

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