$1B in Belongings Beneath Administration at W3 – Enterprise Journal Each day


WARREN – Adding two practices to W3 Wealth Management LLC in 2020 increased the financial planning firm’s net worth to more than $ 1 billion.

In August, the company welcomed certified financial planner Kathleen McGrath to the team.

The firm also includes Stephen Catalano, who will serve as the managing partner of the Fairlawn office.

“The addition of Catalano and McGrath, combined with organic growth, helped W3 exceed $ 1 billion in assets under management,” said Ryan Glinn, financial advisor.

Megan Roberts, W3 Operations Manager for W3, holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Norwich University. Your skills will facilitate communication between the company’s offices, says Glinn.

Business and succession planning offerings have fueled W3’s business over the past year. Building relationships with second and third generation families enabled counselors to develop skills for detailed student loan planning, he continues.

In addition to offices in Warren and Fairlawn, W3 also has offices in Columbus and Beachwood.

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