5 issues to know Tuesday


House is expected to pass the $ 1.9 billion COVID-19 relief package

Parliament is expected to approve President Joe Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan as early as Tuesday, which will be its top legislative priority at the start of his presidency. The plan, which was passed by the Senate this weekend, includes stimulus checks of $ 1,400 for those under $ 75,000, an increase in unemployment benefits, and money for local and state governments. Democrats, whose room for maneuver in the House of Representatives is only marginally greater than in the Senate, must hope that their progressive members do not make changes to the law, particularly the abolition of a federal minimum wage increase.

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Derek Chauvin live in court: The judge says he will start selecting the jury on Tuesday

Jury selection was due to begin Tuesday in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin after the jury was sent home on Monday as the court faced an appeal over the possible reinstatement of a third degree murder charge – a problem that has not yet been resolved. Chauvin is charged with murder and second degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd last May. Prosecutors allege that 46-year-old Floyd was killed by Chauvin’s knee and held against his neck for more than 9 minutes while handcuffed and pinned to the sidewalk. Legal experts say the video of the viewer of the incident, as well as two autopsy reports, will play a central role in the trial.

Given the uncertainty about the wage cap, the NFL and the players union are considering postponing the deadline for franchise tags

NFL teams have a deadline of 4:00 p.m. (CET) on Tuesday to name franchise and transition player tags. However, this deadline could be postponed as the leaders of the league and the NFL Players Association discussed a delay in this deadline due to the ongoing uncertainty about setting the salary caps for 2021. The NFL announced that the team’s minimum spend will increase to $ 180 million for 2021, but a cap on the salary cap has yet to be set. So far, the only players to receive franchise tags are Denver Broncos Security, Justin Simmons, New York Jets Security, Marcus Maye, and Washington Football Team Security Guard Brandon Scherff. The Dallas Cowboys avoided this scenario with quarterback Dak Prescott as both sides signed a four-year deal for $ 160 million on Monday.

Do you have the COVID-19 vaccine? The CDC has new guidelines for vaccinated Americans

For those who have been vaccinated or are about to be vaccinated, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released guidelines to ease restrictions on Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Fully vaccinated individuals can meet with other vaccinated individuals in small groups in their homes without masks or physical distancing. You can visit unvaccinated people from another household who are at low risk of serious illness. The new guidelines state that fully vaccinated people will not need to quarantine or have a coronavirus test if they have been exposed unless they are symptomatic. Experts say the announcement could be the agency’s attempt to clear the confusion caused by some states that have rolled back coronavirus safety measures despite public warnings from health officials. Whether the guidelines actually provide clarity is an issue.

Will Buckingham Palace answer questions about what Harry and Meghan told Oprah?

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan spent hours answering questions from Oprah Winfrey in their often disturbing CBS interview, which aired on Sunday. It is now up to Buckingham Palace to answer the couple’s allegations of racism, lies, and cold indifference to Meghan’s suicidal requests for help. So far there has been silence in the palace. Royal family officials have been reported to brief Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Will the normally tight-lipped Palace feel compelled to respond to some of the allegations they have made against Winfrey? During the interview, Meghan said that during their first pregnancy, she and Harry were told that their untitled son Archie couldn’t get royal security. She also said that nameless palace officials had “concerns” about the color of the unborn baby’s skin.