7 Picture Tales That Will Problem Your View Of The World


This week we watched with horror as Kabul fell to the Taliban after the withdrawal of US troops. Thousands of Afghans crowded the airport to leave the country. We also kept an eye on Haiti, where people are grappling with consecutive natural disasters just weeks after their president was assassinated.

It was a difficult week, but there was joy too. Flo Ngala photographed the resilience of black homeowners in New York, and four Los Angeles photographers looked at parenting and parenting in their fluidity.

Hoda Afshar’s new book explores the beauty of windswept Iran, and Jeano Edwards returns to Jamaica – the homeland he left when he was 16 – to see the country from a new perspective. The PH Museum’s cell phone photo competition proves that you don’t need a fancy camera to take a good photo – just a feeling for good light.

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