9 Finest Child-Pleasant Holidays For The Entire Household 2021


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The great awe of a child at the first glance at the rainforest, their amazement to see elephants trumpet in the wild, their joy when they shoot cannons into a majestic body of water – all these are experiences that stain every ice and “Mama, are we? “Already there?” Well, where to go? We have presented nine incredible travel destinations that young and old will remember forever, whether you are a family of intrepid adventurers, foodies or the Spend day at the museum.

For the outdoors obsessed

  • Deer Valley <br /><em>United States</em>“/><br />
<h3>Deer valley <br />United States</h3>
<p>Deer Valley is a year-round favorite and a breathtaking rain, snow, or shine – especially for families.  Exclusive Resorts – a members-only travel club with private residences in over 75 destinations – has a list of the most breathtaking Deer Valley residences we’ve ever seen, with fire pits, luxurious amenities, lots of bedrooms, and views for days.  Hiking and biking in summer or skiing in winter sounds like a winner for a no-hassle family outing that feels like without international flights.  But the best part about filling a mountain retreat with kids, friends, and more kids is ending the day with hearty meals in the well-equipped kitchen (airport transfers aside, one of our favorite Exclusive Resorts perks is the pre-stocked pantry) and a film in the media room.  That’s the beauty of a private homestay: you can do what you want without the constraints of hotel rooms and restaurant reservations.</p>
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    • Braemar<br /><em>Scotland</em>“/><br />
<h3>Braemar<br />Scotland</h3>
<p>The Scottish Highlands are just as capricious, foggy and steeped in history as the many television series filmed here suggest.  We love checking into the ornate Fife Arms to explore the wider Braemar area (including the Queen’s Scottish residence, Balmoral).  This extraordinary little former inn owned by the international gallery owners Iwan and Manuela Wirth is full of works by Picasso, Louise Bourgeois, Man Ray and Lucien Freud.  For budding creatives who are old enough to sleep alone or with a sibling, the Artist’s Studio room is the dream refuge for imaginative children, filled with easels, paints and sketches.  (You can take an expert-led art tour of the 16,000 works of art dotted around the property.) In the surrounding area, along with rivers, lush forests, and whiskey distilleries, is the cottage where Robert Louis Stevenson began writing Treasure Island , as well as Braemar Castle and of course the already mentioned Balmoral Castle.  (We highly recommend booking one of the knowledgeable drivers from Fife Arms for a local perspective on this area steeped in history.)</p>
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      • A Private Patagonian Island<br /><em>Argentina</em>“/><br />
<h3>A private Patagonian island<br />Argentina</h3>
<p>Have you heard of the Chef’s Table episode in which a Francis Mallmann in a beret roasted vegetables in the snow and sautéed fish on his private Patagonian island?  It turns out you can join him.  Mallmann regularly entertains his guests for a week, not just for dinner.  The chef and his team are masters at creating a magical environment for the whole family: fortresses in the trees, picnic lunches by the river, dinners by the fireplace in scenic spots across the island – we could go on and on.  The point is, this experience is so much more than seven nights of exquisite meals.  It’s an immersion in island life.  And before you think it’s just camping and al fresco dining, the island’s family lodge feels like the private home of a comfort-obsessed Argentine. </p>
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