A 10-Yr-Previous GameStop Investor Cashed In. His Return? Over 5,000%


“All of a sudden I heard ‘ringing, ringing, ringing, ringing, ringing,” Ms. Carr, 31, said in an interview on Friday. “I packed my cell phone and looked at it, and it was $ 351. I was shocked, “I bought this thing for $ 6,” I thought, “there is no way this can be right.”

Ms. Carr, a nutritionist, quickly pulled her son out of virtual learning and asked him what he wanted to do. “I tried to explain to him that this was unusual,” she told mySanAntonio.com, a segment of the San Antonio Express News. “I asked him, ‘Do you want to stay or sell?'”

Jaydyn decided to sell his stock and made $ 3,200 – a return of more than 5,000 percent on an investment of around $ 60.

“I was shocked and excited at the same time,” he said in a telephone interview on Friday.

He said he decided to save $ 2,200 and invest the remaining $ 1,000, most likely in stocks of Roblox, a multiplayer gaming universe popular with young children, when the platform goes public.

“Long-term investing is important because that’s how I got that money,” said Jaydyn.

The surge sparked Jaydyn’s interest in amateur day trading. “He’s definitely ready to hit the market at full speed,” said his mother.