A catalyst for ladies entrepreneurship in Bangladesh!


In Bangladesh, women have long been underrepresented in entrepreneurship. With all the tragedies of the Covid pandemic, however, there was one positive side effect: a steady increase in the proportion of female entrepreneurs in the country’s startup ecosystem. UNB brings its readers the journeys of some of these dynamics Bangladeshi women entrepreneurs who map fearlessly unknown areas.

Stories of some successful digital women entrepreneurs from Bangladesh

Zannatul Fardous Nayan: Owner of Artist Fashion

To meet Zannatul Fardous Nayan, a small town girl writing her own story of success in today’s New Age world. Zannatul moved from Dinajpur to Dhaka a few years ago to pursue an advanced degree in architecture after successfully completing a diploma in her chosen field of study.

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From the day she was admitted to a private university in Dhaka, she had been looking for ways to fund her own studies. With Tk 5,000 in hand, she finally began her journey to entrepreneurship by floating an online boutique – basically a Facebook page titled ‘Artist fashion‘.

“As a government official, my parents were not at all happy with my decision to start a business. They wanted me to find a government job, “says Zannatul. Although she started out as a sapling, her involvement soon helped her thrive in the world of women entrepreneurs.” I own a boutique home in Mirpur and make two to three lakh taka a month, “she adds.

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Aysha Siddika Lima: owner of Baby’s and Ladies Point

Aysha Siddika Lima is another entrepreneur who found the right place to be successful. As an engineer, Aysha began her journey to entrepreneurship by founding ‘Baby and Ladies Point‘to sell a range of baby clothing. “My family never wanted me to start such a non-glamorous business. But I have withstood family pressure to thrive as the best.”

“Business means freedom, which also makes life’s struggle easier. Now I make a profit of around Tk 45,000 per month. My mantra – persistence is the key to success,” says Aysha.

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Taposhi Monira: Owner of Urban Touch Vol

Another entrepreneur Taposhi Monira has also survived against the odds in the past. “I opened my online gift shop.”Urban Touch Vol‘. At first, a lot of people made fun of me. Now I’ve had some success and am currently earning Tk 50,000 per month. “

FA Irin, the owner of Shopno Boutique, is another proud entrepreneur. “I’ve always dreamed of becoming financially independent. But my family never supported me. I’ve proven through hard work that nothing is impossible even in a male-dominated society.”

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Kanny Goms started an online shop – Dyna creation, named after her daughter. “I started with just Tk 8,500 and took a few small steps at a time to make progress. My beautiful daughter was my inspiration,” she says.

All these Bangladeshi women entrepreneurs have survived in the past despite all odds, but society has begun to accept that these new crops of entrepreneurs make a huge contribution to a country’s economy and have the ability to influence a generation.

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