A Model New World – America, Entrepreneurship & The Energy Of Pivot.


America has always been the land of borders, the pinnacle of innovation, and it turns around until it’s “right” and works.

To get to that place of boldness, you can actually bruise – and as Amanda Gorman so eloquently put it at the inauguration of President Biden that we just saw. When he came to power last week, he spoke of the American values ​​of being “restless, brave, and optimistic,” and Gorman continued to build on that

‘A land that is hurt but whole

benevolent but brave,

wild and free

We are not turned around

or interrupted by intimidation

because we know our inaction and indolence

will be the legacy of the next generation. ‘

It is this value of entrepreneurship and the linchpin that drives us all to seek inspiration in the United States of America, and hence this has been the third most popular article in TV history. This was also celebrated in our team at the FQ Global Pack.

A portrait by Shelley Zalis

Feminine quotient

When I met Shelley Zalis exactly a year ago at the World Economic Forum in Davos – where she gave me the stage for the publication of my book The Values ​​Compass – it was (intellectual) love and connection at first sight. Shelley’s vision was to bring as many women as possible around the world together, I had a deep dive into the values ​​to shape these conversations, and Ronda Carnegie is the Chief Innovation Officer.

Hence the vision was born to unite the world through the power of women and create the largest community of women who support other women through collaboration and solutions.

Building on Gorman’s words –

‘The new dawn blooms as we free her

Because there is always light

If only we were brave enough to see it

If only we were brave enough to be ‘

I interviewed both Zalis and Carnegie after thinking about the entrepreneurial journey we took over the past year.

Headshot of Ronda Carnegie, who has brown hair and green eyes and is wearing earrings and a necklace.

Portrait of Ronda Carnegie

Feminine quotient

The mission to leave Davos in 2020 was clear; To create the greatest global dinner series in history, to weave within the framework of values ​​to create a vault of values. I clearly remember Shelley’s phone call to me just a few weeks in Davos and I even remember where I was because her vision was so powerful. The world stood still for a moment so it could really land. And land did.

The world changed dramatically in February and a physical dinner series around the world was absolutely not possible until March, but Zalis didn’t skip a beat and went virtual – in 2020 dinners were held across Africa, always at 6:30 p.m. local time at 25 the most influential women in the country at the virtual “table”.

Zalis explains, “Panning is the opposite of failure. It sees the opportunity even when you are not there. It sees the situation differently from others. A proactive lynchpin is evolution. ‘

The conversations that followed were value-based – powerful, open, and honest so that women could renew, reignite, and reach greater heights because we have our backs on each other. One of Zalis’ favorite catchphrases: “Wherever in the world you end up after that, you can call anyone in the pack and the question will be when you will land. I’ll see you at the airport, sister! ‘

Carnegie goes one step further and thinks of the social entrepreneurs who sit at the table. ‘What are your local and universal problems and what could the solutions be? Because the role and narrative of women is constantly evolving, and we want to capture their stories and legacy. And then that concept of values ​​is a powerful way to build an important narrative both locally and globally. ‘

An invitation to dinner, and here is an example of a dinner in Switzerland.

An invitation to dinner, and here is an example of a dinner in Switzerland.

FQ Global Pack

The mission of the FQ Global Pack Dinners is that every woman has a seat at the table and leaves no one behind to make voices visible everywhere. This is in line with the concept discussed in the book The Compass of Values: What 101 Countries Teach Us About Purpose, Life, and Leadership, which covers values ​​from around the world.

There are a few top tips the team would like to share –

~ Be you, don’t try to fit into the shape, and slowly but surely you will create your own (entrepreneurship).

~ Experience as many other cultures as you can to see the beauty from near and far.

~ Zigzag when others zag – don’t be afraid of not being successful.

~ The power of collective action creates movement and is an unstoppable energy force.

~ Do not ask for permission or apologize too much!

A computer screen with 18 people who are all on the same platform to have a conversation about Switzerland and the values ​​of precision.

One of the virtual dinners – explore Switzerland and the value of precision.

Mandeep Rai

In the past, women may have been written out of history, but we will make sure that it doesn’t in the future. Our key values ​​are that we are strong together, don’t divide, and move on with positivity and productivity.

Indeed – we are brave enough to see the light and now we have no choice but to be the light to ourselves and each other every day.