A programme to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in its workers


(Ed .: Disclaimer: The following content is a press release. PTI assumes no editorial responsibility for this.) New Delhi, August 10, 2021: Appinventiv, a Google-certified agency for digital transformation based in India and active worldwide, has a New campaign announced for Appinventiv employees to accelerate creativity and help them start their own businesses that can create groundbreaking, dynamic and extraordinary products. Appinventiv, motivated by enthusiasm for innovation and the commitment to make a difference in the community, launched the campaign to promote and convey entrepreneurial thinking among its employees. Appinventiv executives knew the best path to value creation in the 21st. The company’s success testifies to its distinctive qualities, including mastery of digital technologies, integrating innovations into the corporate structure, maintaining an agile and receptive mindset and emphasis employee growth and progress. In recognition of its contribution to the application ecosystem, the company was named “Best App Development Company of 2020” at the India Enabler Digital Awards 2020. Building on its legacy of pushing the boundaries of technology, Appinventiv has a Campaign for All Appinventors where every Appinventor has the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and start a multi-million dollar business. Throughout their startup journey, Appinventiv will guide its employees from the first step to reaching their ultimate goal of becoming entrepreneurs. Employees begin their entrepreneurial journey by developing a successful pitch with a detailed business plan and submitting a proof of concept to management that assesses whether their theories have real application potential. When their ideas are selected, they are given seed capital to get the product to market and get their business off the ground. In addition to continuous technical support, Appinventiv will also support the new business with marketing and branding. To further support them in their entrepreneurial endeavors and drive their expansion opportunities, Appinventiv will introduce its employees to the venture capitalists who are helping to give these startups an important direction. Saurabh Singh, Director of Appinventiv, said of the campaign: “The best way to predict the future is to build it. In our quest to drive innovation and accelerate digital transformation, we encourage our employees to discover their passions by developing new ideas and providing resources to enforce them. Every newly founded company is another step on the path to innovation, from which society as a whole ultimately benefits. I believe that this will not only contribute to the development of ingenious ideas and products, but will also have a major impact on India’s entrepreneurial and economic future. ”With the firm belief that the ultimate driver for a company’s success is its employees, Appinventiv focuses on retraining and upgrading its employees and maintaining a culture of constant learning. In Covid’s unprecedented times when companies either laid off staff or introduced salary cuts, Appinventiv employed more than 160 people in one year and gave them three increases in just 15 months. In addition to strengthening its industrial influence in strengthening, reshaping and transforming businesses in India. Appinventiv has effectively accelerated and transformed the business of over 1,000 companies worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups. To date, it has helped 74% of its startup partners raise millions of dollars to get big. By offering a wide range of services, Appinventiv has an impressive customer base that includes the Government of Uttar Pradesh, the Government of India, the Government of Qatar and global brands such as Oracle, NASA, KPMG, IKEA, Vodafone, Dominos, ABP Live , Asian Bank and Pizza Hut. In the almost six years of its existence, the company has developed from a small status to a global company employing more than 700 experts from various fields. Appinventiv has paved the way and has made steady progress in the area of ​​product development. DWR DWR

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