A serious increase to the promotion of entrepreneurship on the College


A landmark Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the University of Manchester Student Union (UMSU) and the Masood Entrepreneurship Center (MEC) of Alliance Manchester Business School.

This document summarizes the desires of both organizations to advance a proactive and positive agenda to promote entrepreneurship education, curriculum activities, mentoring and support for starting a start-up business, especially increasing numbers of startups among international and female students. This area of ​​collaboration has been specifically defined as “Developing Entrepreneurship for All – To Enable the Next Generation of Student Entrepreneurs to Take Control of Their Future”.

Under the direction of the Student Union General Secretary, Kwame Kwarteng, and the Women’s Office, Chenze Ma, and supported by colleagues in the SU and MEC, both parties will work towards establishing a long-term, mutually beneficial and ongoing annual program of entrepreneurial support for students and their societies becoming a recognized beacon among their peers.

Lynn Sheppard, Director of MEC, said, “Our vision at MEC is to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will nurture the next generation of great innovators to achieve economic and social benefits around the world. This agreement underpins the shared wishes of Kwame, Chenze and colleagues from the Studentenwerk, in collaboration with the MEC team, to foster a dynamic culture in our excellent facilities to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be successful and the next generation of student entrepreneurs to strengthen to take control of their future. “

Kwame Kwarteng, Secretary General of UMSU, added: “For so many of our students, innovating and starting their own business is the focus of their ambitions. The recovery of economies around the world requires new solutions to problems, and we want to help ensure that these goals are achieved and achieved. The ability to work with one of the leading corporate centers through the MEC team will add tremendous value to our work and help our student leaders, societies and groups achieve new results. “