Abhishek Agrawal on the impression of COVID-19 on world entrepreneurship


The pandemic has been all to talk about over the past year, especially how it changed life as we know it and affected different industries. In the fitness world, Abhishek Agrawal – fitness enthusiast, model, and influencer – has shown how you can still gain a foothold in the market amid a global pandemic.

Known for his eye-catching properties, Abhishek is taking the fashion and fitness world by storm. As a source of inspiration not only for models, but also for audiences from all over the world, it is called a “fitness and body goal”. However, he achieved this by working hard and being consistent. Now that he knows the process and the outcome, he uses his platforms to help others achieve the same.

It is painfully clear how hard the COVID-19 pandemic has crashed businesses and resulted in millions of people losing their jobs, homes and loved ones. However, it is also clear that it created a window of time for some.

Depending on how you position your business, you can either thrive or collapse. Through its growing brand, Abhishek has shown people how to use the tools available to keep their business going.

Modeling appearances are rare due to restrictions introduced as a result of the pandemic. However, the digital space is a world with untapped potential in which fashion enthusiasts, social media influencers and fitness enthusiasts have particularly found a home.

Abhishek uses its social media platforms to show how you can use social media to strengthen your brand in a changing world. By proving his worth, he has achieved influencer status on social media.

According to Agrawal, coronavirus has finally changed entrepreneurship. There is no going back to what people were used to; Entrepreneurs need to learn to adapt to the new world and prepare for their sub-pandemic entrepreneurial endeavors.

One of the industries that has seen a boom amid the pandemic is the fitness industry. People have a lot of time on their hands and many choose to fill their time by getting fit and getting the body they always wanted. Abhishek himself as a fitness freak was a source of inspiration to thousands of people with his daily mantras, sharing his diet, exercising routine and showing people the result of their hard work.

“The pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone,” he says, “but if you look carefully you will find some moments worth celebrating and opportunities to seize.”