Administration views housebreaking at 70-year Lincoln Park household retailer a monetary, emotional hit | Enterprise


A break-in at a well-established pet shop in Lincoln Park shook management there.

Cameron Harris has been the manager of Feed Rite Pet Supply at 2979 Fort Street for more than 70 years.

According to Harris, a man who appeared to be in his fifties with a shaved head brought a crowbar to the back door of the house and pushed his way into the pet shop around 4:30 a.m. on May 4th.

Once in the building, he was captured with newly installed surveillance cameras.

The man appears to be alone and went straight to the back of the shop to the safe next to a fax machine.

“It’s disheartening for a person to target a small corner shop like ours during tough times,” the business said in a statement on social media.

Harris reiterated these assessments, saying the break-in was an “emotional and financial success” for the family business.

“We didn’t have any problems,” said Harris. “We support our community and they support us. I know all customers by name, the name of their dog and the name of their children. “

The perpetrator spent about three minutes in the store before leaving.

He didn’t harm any of the pets inside.

Harris believes the perpetrator, wearing an oversized hoodie, was after the safe and knew where it was.

He didn’t want to tell how much money was in the safe, but said it was in the thousands.

Other valuable items were also stolen, according to the post on social media.

The man appeared to be driving a red Dodge caravan, which was also recorded with a surveillance camera.

Harris takes the crime so personally because Feed Rite was in the same place serving his regular customers, their children, and now grandchildren.

When news of the crime spread across the city, customers reached out to the owners and management to investigate the staff, the shop and the animals.

“I’m not surprised,” said Harris. “We help the community and have a good relationship with them.”

The past year has been a difficult one for Feed Rite and many other companies trying to stay afloat during this economic decline.

He said no one knows a company’s financial health, and the money kept in a company’s safe could mean the difference between running that operation or collapsing that operation.

While he said the pet store doesn’t, its cash flow matters – even if it’s $ 20.

Lincoln Park Police have confirmed they have a police report on the break-in and are investigating the case.