Advantages Of A Drum Mixer

Advantages Of A Drum Mixer

The Drum Mixer is among the most popular kinds of mixers. This kind of mixer has two openings on either end, so that you can put the ingredients into one end and then retrieve the mix at the other. The two openings in the drum are equipped with blades that can be used for mixing. The blades help extracting concrete. Drum mixers can handle between one and 2.5 CY of concrete. Here are some benefits of Drum Mixers.

Advantages Of A Drum Mixer

The tilting drum mixer model is a more advanced model. Unlike the non-tilting mixer, this model tilts when it is in use. It has one opening to feed the materials into the machine and discharges the material through the same opening. Because it is tilted it is able to handle large aggregates and discharge the final product more efficiently than the non-tilting models. These drum mixers are an excellent choice for those working with large sizes of particles.

The drum that tumbles is a suitable choice for making spice blends, trail mix and dry chemicals. A tumbling drum is designed to handle this kind of mixing, and the enrobing/coating drum is ideal for coating food products. Drum Mixer can be utilized for a variety of tasks and are easy to clean. If cross-contamination is a concern, the drum mixer will protect the product from contamination.

Even Mix drum mixer uses Aeronautical-style technology that is aerospace-grade in its design to achieve true mixing. Its blades don’t require a pin to install and can be used with any drill with the 1/2-inch chuck. It’s designed to be used horizontally and vertically, which is not the case with other mixers. It is also manufactured in the U.S.A. for a better quality of service. The mixer is versatile and affordable as you’ll see after you’ve tried it.

Drum mixers are flexible and easy to set up. They can be used with open or closed top tanks. The dimensions and shape of the tank will determine the type of mounting. For instance a clamp mount mixer fits open top tanks and can be moved to another tank, making it ideal for small batch mixing tasks. Drum mixers can also be fixed to stands. The quality of the material will determine which motor is used in each instance.

The batch mixer is another type of Drum Mixer. This type of mixer is more efficient than the Drum Mixer because it can handle a large volume of materials. Both types are extremely efficient, regardless of nature. Continuous mixers are often used for large-scale concrete projects that require large quantities of concrete. Batch mixing is more efficient than continuous mixing, however batch mixing is more effective in the case of an exact ratio.