Alaska Information Nightly: Tuesday, August 31, 2021


A Maloja snake or Naagáas cloud formation over downtown Juneau at dawn on August 26, 2021. (Image captured by SnowCloud Services webcam)

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Tuesday on Alaska News Nightly:

More Alaskans than ever are now being hospitalized with COVID-19. And researchers and fishermen are amazed at the extremely low number of chum salmon. And what’s the story behind Juneau’s famous cloud formations?

Reports tonight from:

  • Andrew Kitchenman and Jennifer Pemberton in Juneau
  • Liz Ruskin and Adelyn Baxter in Anchorage
  • Dylan Simard in Kodiak
  • Olivia Ebertz in Bethel

Alaska News Nightly is hosted by Casey Grove, produced by Mayowa Aina, and the sound engineer is Raging Shelby.

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