Amanda Bredén Talks Entrepreneurship and Paving Her Personal Path


If you don’t already know, Amanda Bredén is a person well known for her roles in adult entertainment films, as well as her stunning modeling work on social media. With more than 300,000 followers on Instagram alone, she has won a loyal audience of admirers.

In fact, it’s one of the top 0.40% of earners on one of the most popular subscription-based websites. Although her chosen career path violates the norm of what most people in today’s society would pursue or consider acceptable, she always knew that this was what she wanted in life.

Born and raised in Sweden, Amanda has always loved being in front of the camera. She recalls looking into Playboy magazines from a very young age. “I thought all women were so beautiful, and I wish I could be one of them one day,” she said.

Amanda entered the modeling world at 18 and had the rare opportunity to take part in a model shoot with one of Sweden’s leading photographers. Working with such a prominent young photographer who saw her potential immediately sparked Amanda’s passion for a less conventional career path. “I’ve never been tempted to work a regular job from 9 to 5,” said Amanda. “Instead, I wanted to determine my working hours myself and have complete freedom.”

So that’s exactly what Amanda did. With years of experience in adult entertainment and an impressive salary, she now uses her experience for other entrepreneurial ventures. Amanda has been very keen to invest her money lately. In particular, she uses her earnings to invest in real estate.

In fact, she and her husband are building a brand new hotel with plans for a second hotel building already in the works. The first hotel under construction in one of Sweden’s most beautiful locations is scheduled to open in summer 2021.

“I want people to know me as the adult actress who has done a lot more with her life than just making adult films,” says Amanda. “I want my later life accomplishments to dwarf my early acting.”

Amanda continues to evolve in every industry she gets into. During her journey as a model, actress, and entrepreneur, Amanda learned the importance of paving your own way and not worrying about the outside noise of someone else’s opinions. When asked what it means to be a successful business owner, Amanda said:

“Go your own way, be yourself and don’t try to copy others. If you want to be successful and stand out from the crowd then it is really important to find your own niche and go. Don’t focus on comparing yourself to others. Instead, focus on yourself and come up with a plan for how you can make your dreams come true. “

We are sure to see more success from Amanda in many ways in the years to come as she has a forward thinking mindset. “It’s incredibly important to look ahead and stay positive at all times. Even if things are moving slowly or your business is on a downward spiral, you must never give up. I firmly believe in looking at things with a positive attitude in order to achieve the best possible result. “

We congratulate Amanda on her success so far and are excited to see what the young entrepreneur will do next!

Published on July 3, 2021