And the winners for the 2021 Administrators Guild of America Awards are:


The Directors Guild of America Awards 2021 winners are:

Feature Film – Chloe Zhao – Nomad land
Debut feature film – Darius Marder – Sound of metal
Documentary M – Scott Frank – The Queen’s Gambit
Drama Series – Leslie Linka Glatter – homeland
Comedy series – Susanna Fogel, the flight attendant (in an emergency)
Reality Series – Joseph Guidry – Petal to metal
Children’s program – Amy Chatz – We are the dream: The children of the Oakland MLK Oratorical
Variety / News Special – Thomas Schlamme – A west wing special that will benefit if we all vote
Advertising – Melina Matsoukas – You love me for beats by Dr. Dre
Robert B. Aldrich – performance price – Betty Thomas
Honorary member for life – Paris Barclay