APS looking for completely different property for East Mountains bus depot


NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A virtual demonstration of Hungry to Learn, a documentary about college students and their fight against hunger, will be shown at the Food Depot. To highlight the issues New Mexican College students are facing, they are hosting a live virtual discussion on March 25 with University of New Mexico Associate Professor Dr. Sarita Cargas, and the Executive Director of Food Depot, Sherry Hooper.

Dr. Cargas’ most recent research published in the UNM Basic Needs Report. The report, conducted in April last year, includes results from the first study on the safety of basic needs of students in the state of New Mexico. They found that every third UNM student was food unsafe as of April 2020, and over 40% were unsafe at some point in the previous year. “We see this in Maslow’s pyramid of needs. If you don’t have food or shelter, you can’t reach your full potential,” said Cargas.