Ash Straughn, Aka “Kash”: Reaching The Pinnacle Of Success In Entrepreneurship As A Enterprise Operations Coach


“You can do it all,” says the leading industry expert, content creator and best-selling author.

The closer we look around, the more we learn about people who have experienced everything and have written their own success story in their own way. As a self-made entrepreneur, this attitude has brought her to the top of her industry. Many young women have risen to the top of the business world. You have inspired so many others to believe in their dreams and make appropriate efforts to achieve their desired success. Ash Straughn, also known as Kash’s name, tops the list of such entrepreneurs. She showed what it takes to achieve the position she enjoys today in the vast business world as a business coach, industry leader, bestselling author and entrepreneur.

It was not easy for her to handle so many hats on her head. Ash Straughn had a ton of issues that she overcome in creating her unique niche in her chosen industry. Ash Straughn runs her business coaching firm called The Kash Code, Inc, where she takes her coaching to the next level through business coaching and leadership training. To this end, she has created a mastermind curriculum that will help small business owners start businesses and make sales in less than 30 days.

Ash started working as a business operations coach in 2016. However, she did not enter the field blindly. Ash has over a decade of experience scaling up multiple companies and many of them to millions of dollars in sales. After gaining significant experience in the startup world, she decided to help business owners with the various useful tips and tricks that the many startup tech companies were using to grow their businesses month after month.

Ash also spends a lot of time expanding another business that focuses on the importance of working with the future of our world, kids. To ensure equal opportunities, Ash Straughn established Travel Funds Kids to provide financial support to schools and help children worldwide.

Would you believe us if we also said that Ash is also a social media content creator? It’s true, this entrepreneur does extraordinarily well at creating unique and informative content on both Instagram and her YouTube channel under her company’s banner, The Kash Code. We asked Ash what motivated her to join the industry she’s in, and the Ace entrepreneur replies that she feels successful people are more likely to neglect the next person who tries to make it through . She felt the need to change the entrepreneurial mindset to focus on “everyone, teach you”.

This attitude allows Ash to focus on influencing the next person as best he can. She has learned so much during her career and passed that knowledge on in her mission to help companies grow in a very short time. A desire to serve more entrepreneurs led them to start their mastermind curriculum.

To find out more about her, follow the Instagram handle @thekashcode and her website