Ask your self 5 questions earlier than taking the leap to entrepreneurship


ATLANTA – As COVID-19 creates layoffs and increases uncertainty about employment in 2021, many people are considering new options, reinventing themselves, or trying to decide whether it is more desirable to work for themselves than another 9-to-one -5 to find a job that may not last. Entrepreneurship brings a lot of freedom, responsibility, and risk, and before people commit to taking this giant leap forward, there are some key questions they should ask themselves, said Tim Mercer, ForbesBooks author of Bootstrapped Millionaire: Defying the Odds of Business. “Entrepreneurship is a career that offers a kind of freedom and personal satisfaction that you just can’t get from a traditional 9-for-5 job,” Mercer said. “You will never know if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur

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