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Learn the basics of financial management, about financial and cash flow statements, the analysis and interpretation of annual financial statements and much more.

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August 29, 2021 2 minutes to read

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According to a study by the US bank, 80 percent of start-ups fail because of poor cash flow management. Starting a business is not all fun and games, it takes a lot of financial management and if you are unsure what you are doing it can be doomed for your business. Because of this, having a solid understanding of financial management is crucial for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs. If you need a little help, the Financial Management Training Bundle is by your side. Valued at $ 1,000, it’s now available for just $ 14.99.

This five-course package includes a curriculum from Apex Learning, an award-winning digital education company. Right from the start you will learn the basics of financial management, the relationship between financial and cash flow accounting, the analysis and interpretation of annual financial statements and much more. Then you will acquire skills that are essential for a financial advisor. You will be introduced to the basic concepts of finance, develop a well thought-out financial plan, understand how to assess and manage financial risk, and much more. Eventually, you’ll move on to more advanced topics like financial modeling and analysis. Excel will teach you how to build smart financial models to better predict the financial future and budget for each scenario. You will also learn how to better analyze and interpret financial statements by learning about real-world case studies and familiarizing yourself with accounting principles and practices that will help your company operate more efficiently.

Don’t let your business get caught in a financial mess. Get the education necessary to keep your business running smoother and more profitably. Currently, the Financial Management Training Bundle is available for just $ 14.99. Additionally, this limited-time offer will earn $ 10 in store credit within 14 days of purchase if you spend $ 50 or more in the store, as long as the total after returns are greater than $ 50.

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