Associates Administration, credit score unions contribute over $400Ok to Credit score Union Basis


Monday, January 25, 2021, 3:28 p.m.

Affiliates Management Co. and its corporate family – – including Coopera, the Iowa Credit Union League, PolicyWorks Iowa, PolicyWorks LLC, and First Community Trust NA – recently donated $ 169,050 to the Iowa Credit Union Foundation, This is the philanthropic arm of ICUL. When combined with previous contributions, including AMC’s support to the ICUF Emergency Fund, AMC’s 2020 contributions to the ICUF total $ 284,700. In addition, credit unions across the state combined donated more than $ 123,740 in year-end gifts to the ICUF. This all equates to more than $ 408,400 raised to support the foundation. Founded in 1995, ICUF is committed to empowering people and communities to achieve financial well-being by advocating the “people help people” credit union philosophy. “These generous gifts from the AMC family of companies and the Iowa Credit Union Foundation enable the Iowa Credit Union Foundation to do more for families and individuals in Iowa,” said Jaimie Miller, executive director of the Iowa Credit Union Foundation. Over the Past 25 Years In the past few years, the ICUF has committed $ 2,105,400 in savings to more than 1,000 members of the Iowa Credit Union. In addition, more than 2,600 Iowa credit union members have received $ 1,343,500 in emergency relief for disaster relief and recovery efforts.