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Photo courtesy Hannah Turner-Harts

In collaboration with our friends from Chandon

We love a party – especially on a warm evening under the trees, with a delicious cocktail and a chic summer dress. The key to making a party feel like a party right from the start: Be mindful of the details. A signature drink in a beautiful glass goes a long way towards charming even the dullest guest; equally flattering light (candles if you can swing it) and delicious, easy-to-eat food on real plates with real cutlery and cloth napkins. Whether a 50-person soiree or a 3-person deck chair meeting, these stylish essentials guarantee relaxation, enchantment and a festive mood.

The (sparkling) aperitif

Light and fresh, this summery take on Chandons sparkling wine is made with homemade bitters made from locally grown oranges. Poured on ice with a piece of fresh orange and a sprig of rosemary it is the perfect summer sip.

  1. Chandon Garden Spritz, Chandon $ 30

    Chandon Garden Spritz Chandon, $ 30


The (simple) breathtaking dress

Printed in a beautiful blue-green with a summery floral pattern, this floating silhouette made of 100 percent cotton with a halter-style top and a tiered skirt says: “I’ve dressed a little and I’m ready to have fun.”

  1. Mirth Corsica Dress goop, $ 310

    Mirth Corsica Dress goop, $ 310


The sexy strappy

These sleek, minimalist Goop exclusive sandals are incredibly soft underfoot and the straps are leather-lined for a snug fit; the chic beige contrasts with the dark (italian) leather sole.

  1. Amanu black-soled sandals, goop, $ 325

    Amanu sandals with black soles, $ 325


The lip color

It looks bright in the adorable tube, but this citrus-like balm is super-transparent; the translucent color brightens the whole face (also on the cheeks) in seconds, but looks totally natural on the lips and skin.

  1. French Melon Oil and Bone Balm, goop, $ 28

    Oil and bone balm in French melon cream, $ 28