Batavia Chamber Of Commerce: Native Entrepreneur Works Collaboratively With Batavia Excessive College Entrepreneurship Program


March 04, 2021

Batavia, IL – Starting a business anytime is challenging, but starting a conceptually new business focused on food amid a pandemic is a unique journey to say the least!

When Dale Hastert, founder and CEO of Bangarang Foods, began creating Bangarang, part of the company’s plan was based on getting the product to be tried in local grocery stores, sports camps, and other community events. The pandemic set in shortly after production started. Sampling at local locations seemed unrealistic. However, Dale remained confident that starting his business with a solid foundation in his home, the Fox Valley, would be key to success. Alternative avenues arose to join the local community, including the opportunity to work with Dennis Piron and his entrepreneur class at Batavia High School. In this course, students learn how to start a business right from the start. One of her students, Kaley J., said of the experience, “I had the pleasure of interning for Dale Hastert, CEO of Bangarang Foods and its creative director, John Kraynak, last month,” said Kaley. “I was offered this opportunity because I am enrolled in the Batavia High School’s LINK internship course, which gives students hands-on experience in the area they want to pursue.

“I couldn’t be happier with my internship as I too want to open my own grocery store at some point in my life,” continued Kaley. “Since the start of this internship, I’ve been exposed to the genesis and importance of brand stories, packaging design, consumer market targeting, and the use of social media to raise awareness. I find this program to be very valuable in this sense in helping students learn about and the disadvantages of corporate governance.

“In addition, it has personally shown me that my dreams are achievable. The success of your company depends on your team and your passion for what you do. I always learn from the twice-weekly meetings and my interest in this career The.” Way continues to grow, “concluded Kaley. Typically, in the Entrepreneur Program, small groups of students choose a business to start and then follow the steps outlined to achieve that goal. Some companies are making the transition from the classroom to the market, which is exciting and fulfilling for everyone involved. The Bangarang experience added a twist to the typical course that allowed students to use their creativity and social media expertise for teens for a real-time social media campaign. When asked about his experience with this Bangarang project, Dennis Piron had this to say. “This year a local company, Bangarang, has done a lot to help our students by offering a unique internship that will allow them to be on the ground floor when this company starts operations,” said Piron. “Owner Dale Hastert has worked fantastic with a large number of our students at Batavia HS. Thanks to Dale and John for finding a way to support our students during such a difficult time!” Bangarang is a local company at heart and will continue to be community focused. Last year, during the holidays, they donated the Batavia United Way the high protein pudding snacks to the Adopt-A-Family program. [email protected]

This press release was prepared by the Batavia Chamber of Commerce. The views expressed here are the author’s own.