Battle in opposition to Covid-19: PM cautions in opposition to ‘carelessness or complacency’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned on Thursday to keep an eye on Covid-19, even though he expressed concern over recent pictures and videos of crowded places with people roaming around without masks or social distancing.

In a speech to the Council of Ministers on Thursday evening, Modi reportedly stressed that at a time when India’s fight against the global pandemic is in full swing and the country is constantly making extensive vaccinations, there should be “no room for negligence or complacency”. Number of its population, while the “tests” are also kept constant high.

“This is not a pleasant sight and should instill a sense of fear,” sources quoted Modi referring to these pictures and videos of crowded places in the past few days.

Modi emphasized at the meeting that a single mistake would have far-reaching effects and weaken the fight to overcome Covid-19.

The prime minister said people may want to leave with fewer numbers than in recent months. However, everyone needs to remember that the Covid-19 threat is far from over. Many other nations are seeing an increase in infections. The virus is also mutating, Modi informed the Council of Ministers.

“As minister, our goal should not be to stir up fear, but to encourage people to continue to take all possible precautions so that we are able to overcome this pandemic in the times ahead,” Modi had said.

Modi also expressed concern about the continued high number of cases from Maharashtra and Kerala.