Benefits of Ozone Therapy IV Infusions


Benefits of Ozone Therapy can be used to treat many conditions. It can aid in improving your health by increasing oxygen levels in your blood and improving your immune system. It can speed up recovery from injuries or help you heal from chronic diseases such as arthritis. It also enhances your cognitive performance, since it increases the amount of oxygen that gets into your brain.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that Ozone therapy can reverse brain damage caused by strokes. It could also reduce the chance of suffering from heart attacks or other recurrent diseases. It’s also been proven to lower the chance of developing arrhythmia, a problem with the heart’s rhythm. The ozone gas is taken in through your skin or injected into veins through IV Infusion. It is administered in extremely specific therapeutic doses, which are specifically designed to aid your body. IV ozone therapy has many advantages, including increased immunity and less inflammation. It can also fight infection and boost energy.

Immune Boosting

Ozone therapy can help boost your immune system by causing your white blood cells to produce more antibodies. This helps your body to fight off infections and germs as per Dr. Tejwani.


Ozone kills bacteria and viruses by attacking their cell membranes. It can even be a weapon against cancerous cells. It also helps to eliminate free radicals which are unstable substances that can cause inflammation and damage to cells. It also can help the immune system of the body to react to an infection and clear up the body of harmful toxins according to Dr. Tejwani. Ozone’s antimicrobial properties are especially effective against certain kinds of microorganisms like candida and yeast. It also helps heal chronic inflammatory diseases, like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Stimulates Mitochondrial Function

Ozone triggers an increase in mitochondrial count within every cell in your body. This results in a significant stimulation of regenerative activity in every organ, gland and tissue. It also stimulates the production of growth factors from platelets, which promotes healing and regeneration of damaged tissues.

Increased Oxygen Supply

Ozone can help increase oxygen levels by boosting the production of red blood cells and proteins. This boosts your immune system, and it can also aid in digestion, fertility, and more. Ozone therapy is most commonly used infusions, but you can also use ozone for topical treatments. These include ozone sprays and tinctures that apply to your skin. Prolozone therapies combine ozone with minerals, vitamins and anti-inflammatory substances. They can be used to treat joint pain, and injuries to the rotator-cuff, among others. The advantages of ozone therapy are numerous and it is an effective addition to any holistic or alternative medical program. It can be a fantastic treatment for patients suffering from chronic autoimmune disorders, including Lyme disease and Epstein Barr virus and other viral infections, including herpes, HIV, and shingles.



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