Biplab Kumar Sinha: Utilizing entrepreneurship for social upliftment!


Biplab Kumar Sinha

Mr. Biplab Kumar Sinha was born on July 26th, 1984 in a small town in Bankura and has been a dedicated student since childhood. Even today he is a committed student who always learns from his fellow human beings! He has an MBA, but he was never interested in the typical corporate rat race. From the beginning, his motivation was entrepreneurship and giving something back to society.

He worked very hard and overcame all the obstacles on the way to what he is today, an outstanding, virtuous personality and a successful entrepreneur. In over 10 years of entrepreneurship, he has seen many ups and downs, but never doubted his abilities and worked towards his passion. He is very happy to see how people pursue their goals and dreams and advises them to stay on the right track and not give up on them anytime soon. However, he is very upset at the lack of commitment by the younger generation who give up their goals very easily. He always says, “Change your approach, but never change your goals!”

He is a perfect leader who puts his staff first! He makes the people who work with him feel comfortable. His motivation for his goals and the satisfaction of his employees are just a few of the many reasons why Mr. Sinha has managed to employ over 500 students in her industry. He says the bittersweet experiences he’s had and his father are the two main pillars of his success!

Giving back to society

“I think it is very important to watch how the people around us lead their lives, we always have to strive to improve their standard of living because this defines our true character in life. No matter how successful or established you are, there is no point in being so successful if you cannot help others with your achievements, ”says Biplab Kumar Sinha.

It is not “All Talk and No Show”, its actions to improve society are commendable! In fact, one of his greatest achievements is providing jobs for more than 500 students and creating better living conditions for Ashiana’s happy home.

Mr. Sinha made sure that his success never crosses his mind! He is a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs. His never-giving attitude, his commitment, his generosity are really inspiring!