Blockchain-powered SAM empowers ladies by means of entrepreneurship – The Manila Occasions


To celebrate International Women’s Month, the blockchain-based Smart Asset Manager (SAM) is offering its various platforms in both conventional and non-conventional business models to empower women by developing their entrepreneurial experience.

Rommel Santos, founding chairman of SAM Digital Technology, said one of SAM’s primary goals is to make the general public aware of the SAM Women Empowerment Program by unlocking their potential within it. Unfortunately, he said, most people’s entrepreneurial skills are mostly ignored “because they lack self-esteem, personality, and confidence. “

One of the entrepreneurs qualified by SAM DT is Eloisa Francesca Figueroa, a Filipino flight attendant based in Saudi Arabia. She said her experience abroad had shown her some of the challenging difficulties people face abroad, some of which are almost impossible to change.

However, she believes that through an entrepreneurial learning system, women could be empowered, “and we can make a change, a plan for the future and not just for ourselves but for our entire ecosystem as a whole. Only then can we prove to ourselves that change is possible if we commit to change. “

Smart asset managers offer women a financial decision that follows the rules of putting what you can afford aside. It only costs a thousand to subscribe, and for your Ipon challenge, a SAMKoin can be bought for a USDT, which costs only around 50 pesos. You can only buy one SAMKoin cryptocurrency and keep buying one if you can save that 50 pesos for your future. It doesn’t cost much and instead of buying a new pair of shoes you can use it as part of the empowering women’s community of smart asset managers.