Bolt On positions firm for progress with restructured administration crew


Bolt On Technology has restructured its management team to maintain its leadership role in the industry and position the 11-year-old company for aggressive growth in 2021 and beyond.

The changes are intended to make the company more agile in a rapidly changing market. This includes creating three C-suite positions and further defining the roles and responsibilities of the management team so that executives can best implement corporate strategy.

Andee SilvermanThe former vice president of special projects takes on the role of chief operating officer, whose primary role is to design and ensure high quality customer experiences. As a six-year-old Bolt On employee, she was instrumental in shaping the company’s customer-centric approach and in her new role will provide exceptional customer service across multiple touchpoints, from support and training to ongoing service and relationship management.

Tim Cifelli, who joined Bolt On in 2018 as Director of Marketing and led the team building awareness of the brand and its products, has been named Chief Revenue Officer. In this role, he will leverage a strategic and multi-layered approach to achieve seamless collaboration and efficiency across the marketing and sales lifecycle between traditional repair shops, distributors and expanded industrial markets.

Mike Krupit has been appointed Interim Chief Strategy Officer. Krupit was a former advisor to the Bolt On leadership team and is an expert in building and growing businesses from startups to profitable businesses, especially in the software field. He founded, was co-founder or partner of companies such as Trajectify, UpVentures Capital, IntroNet, Real Food Works and CDNOW. As Interim Chief Strategy Officer, he will use his extensive experience and knowledge to develop, communicate and implement the company’s strategic initiatives.

The company expects to announce additional team members and promotions to support these strategic initiatives in the coming weeks.

“The appointments represent a strategic shift to help our company grow, strengthen our market leadership, while expanding into new sectors and adding value to our customers. By strengthening our leadership team and relying on their experience, strategic thinking and decision-making, we can fuel our engine to move forward quickly and meet our ambitious business goals, “said Mike Risich, Founder and CEO of Bolt On Technology.

The restructuring is supported by the launch of NextGear last year, which integrates BOLT ON’s award-winning and critically acclaimed digital vehicle inspection software and tools into any type of vehicle service and repair business via any mobile device with or without compatible shop management becomes software and the extension of Bolt On Pay, which offers several new functions for payment processing for repair shops and their customers. Risich said the company plans to expand its leadership position in the automotive aftermarket as it will increase sales by at least 15 percent in 2021. He expects the size to double within the next three years.

A changing automotive aftermarket, partly spurred by the development of driving habits, has given repair shops a new urgency to better serve their customers, Risich said. As a result, they want to improve the customer experience, including a more contactless service, and proactively engage them with updates and recommended appointments to keep their vehicles healthy. Bolt On, he added, is also adapting to better reach shopkeepers with ever greater choices of options and guide them through the process as they try to improve their technology.

“This is in line with the core offerings of BOLT ON such as digital vehicle inspections, online and mobile appointment arrangements and BOLT ON Pay, with which vehicle owners can pay for the service by text and, depending on the business, finance their repair work,” he said. “But the restructuring also helps us achieve better results as we penetrate sub-vertical markets such as fleet management, import of cars and sports vehicles, transmission shops and parts dealers. It’s about putting our value proposition in front of these stores, making sure we’re responsive and giving them a great experience. “