Christian Eriksen to have heart-starting gadget fitted after collapse


Christian Eriksen needed emergency treatment on the field before he was taken to the hospital

The Dane Christian Eriksen will be equipped with a heartbeat device after his collapse on the field during the Euro 2020.

The 29-year-old midfielder suffered cardiac arrest when his team lost to Finland on Saturday in Copenhagen.

The ICD – implantable cardioverter defibrillator – was “necessary because of arrhythmia,” said Danish team doctor Morten Boesen.

Eriksen remains in the hospital, but says he is “doing well under the circumstances”.

The British Heart Foundationexternal link describes an ICD as a small device that is placed under the skin, connected to the heart with “thin wires” and “sends electrical impulses to regulate irregular heartbeat”.

Boesen added: “Christian has accepted the solution and the plan has also been endorsed by specialists at home and abroad who all recommend the same treatment.

“We encourage everyone to give Christian and his family peace and privacy.”

Former Spurs player Eriksen, who now plays for Inter Milan, collapsed against Finland just before half-time and had to be resuscitated with a defibrillator.

The German doctor Jens Kleinfeld, who treated him in the field, told the Funke media group: “About 30 seconds later he opened his eyes and I was able to speak to him directly.

“That was a very moving moment, because with such medical emergencies in everyday life the chances of success are much lower.”

Kleinefeld said he asked Eriksen: “Are you with us again?”

The doctor said Eriksen replied, “Yes, I’m back with you” and “Damn, I’m only 29 years old”.

Kleinefeld added: “I knew then that the brain was not damaged and that it had returned completely.”

Denmark’s next game is against Belgium on Thursday (5:00 PM BST) when they return to Parken Stadium, which was the scene of Eriksen’s collapse.

Belgium want to throw the ball out of play in the 10th minute take part in a minute-long applause for Eriksen, with Danish fans planning the gesture as a sign of support.

“You can see the wires in my chest”

Former English cricketer James Taylor won seven test caps before heart problems ended his career

Netherlands and Ajax defender Daley Blind was diagnosed with heart disease in December 2019 and returned to action in February 2020 after attaching an ICD.

The 31-year-old is part of his country’s squad at Euro 2020 and played the opening game, which was won 3-2 against Ukraine.

Former English cricketer James Taylor, 31, his career was over memorized questions in 2016.

He was then fitted with an ICD and told the BBC Sport Desk podcast on Friday what Eriksen was expecting.

“It’s a defibrillator that’s built into me,” Taylor said. “The way I can describe it, it’s half the size of your phone and a little thicker in my chest and has two wires attached to it. These wires are screwed into the bottom of your heart.

“I was really hesitant at first, but once I have a better understanding of my condition and how it will help me, it will be my best friend.

“Hopefully if something goes wrong I will take care. Very often when you have major heart surgery it’s something to correct or improve. This wasn’t to correct something, this was a safety net when something goes wrong .

“I chose to put it under my pectoral muscle so you can’t see it, but you can see the wires in my chest – if you wanted to.

“Some have it on top of the pectoral muscle so you can see it, but I chose to have it under the muscle so you can’t really see it. If I showed you, you could see.

“One of the big things I would say [to Eriksen], is talking to people you trust and also opening up to people who have had similar experiences, just so you can learn and understand the situation because nobody really knows. “