Clamp Mount Mixer for Easy Organization

Clamp Mount Mixer for Easy Organization

The Tote Mixer is one of the industry leading portable compressor systems. The Tote Mixer is designed to attach to a standard 3” Tri clamp attachment. It provides extreme portability and versatility in demanding environments. These portable agitators are built with superior strength and flexibility. They also have powerful, precision-tuned features that deliver exceptional performance. Tote Mixer is able to operate in a variety environment. It runs silently under low vibration and remains compact while providing optimal airflow. Ideal for use in applications where space is at a premium, the Tote Mixer is an ideal choice for mobile audio mixing on the go.

Clamp Mount Mixer for Easy Organization

The Clamp Mount Mixer features four standard-sized holes for attaching to standard hoses and tubing systems. Four large compression ports allow quick and efficient mixing. Three standard-sized holes are available for connection to a variety of audio hose outlets. The electronic controls are easy to use and offer many useful options. The Tote Mixer is compatible with most mobile audio devices that use standard 3-pin plug-in adaptors.

The Tote Mixer impeller is a lightweight, compact design that uses high-impeller compact screw pumps with sealed rotating rotors. The impeller is optimized to operate at low viscosity. This is a great feature for high-performance applications. Low viscosity allows the impeller maintain adequate pump circulation which improves pump efficiency as well as overall pump performance.

The Tote Mixer is different from other clamp mount mixers. It features a two-stage variable-speed fan. This fan speeds up and slows down continuously in order to distribute the heat of the motor evenly. This feature reduces fan wear and extends the life of both the fan and the impeller. Tote Mixer drums that are low in viscosity also require less lubrication than other drums. This increases overall efficiency.

The tote mixer has an aluminum container attached to its bottom. It also includes a removable hose. This container can be used to dry or spray, making it useful for many different mixing applications. Some models also include a capacity meter to measure the amount of gallons of water that has been processed during a single cycle.

Many portable compressors come with a clamp mount mixer that accepts standard drum hardware. These mixers attach to an economical, high-pressure water pump and an aluminum or stainless steel expansion cup. If the mixing container is larger than normal, an industrial-strength pump is available. Industrial clamps make it easy to connect and disconnect water supplies during large-scale operations. This allows mobile workers the ability to quickly transport their equipment to and fro work.