College of Strathclyde appoints eight in entrepreneurship drive


The University of Strathclyde has named eight Senior Enterprise Fellows, including Rabinder Buttar, clinical research veteran, and Mark Logan, former Chief Operating Officer of Skyscanner, to help create a “world-leading entrepreneurship ecosystem,” writes Ian McConnell .

It stated its ambition to “inspire the next generation of entrepreneurial graduates, researchers and academics”.

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The university said the fellows would play a key role in delivering their entrepreneurship strategy by 2025, unveiled in November, creating the ecosystem they envision and “developing a state-of-the-art entrepreneurship center in the Glasgow City Innovation District that Post will support -pandemic economic recovery ”.

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Also named Senior Enterprise Fellows are Neil Logan, Co-Founder and General Manager of the University of Strathclyde’s Incremental Group, Visiting Professor John Waddell, Susan Aktemel, Executive Director of Homes for Good, Founding Director of Graven, Janice Kirkpatrick, Founder and Curator of TEDxGlasgow Gurjit Singh Lalli , and Investor and Board Member of the National Theater of Scotland Ian Ritchie. Rabinder Buttar is the founder and president of Clintec International.