Commerce Ministry upgrades Rubber Coaching Institute based mostly on efficiency


In view of the varied and innovative activities undertaken for the sustainability of the rubber sector and the development of human resources, the Department of Commerce has upgraded the Rubber Training Institute (RTI) to a national institute for rubber training.

This decision was made in accordance with the recommendation of the National External Evaluation Committee charged with evaluating the performance of the Rubber Board’s medium-term expenditure framework.

The RTI to NIRT upgrade ceremony will be held in virtual mode at the institute next week. It is expected that the upgrading of the institute will increase the scope of its activities in the coming years and help it to develop a sustainable and independent model.

According to official sources, RTI has carried out various activities and contributed significantly to technology updating, quality improvement, additional income generation, value creation, skills development, job creation, strengthening of weaker communities and capacity building of clusters.

Initiatives taken

In collaboration with outside agencies, RTI has taken many initiatives such as the introduction of skills development programs in natural rubber growing countries under PMKVY, the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship, and employability improvement programs. These projects were successfully implemented based on the requirements of the funding agencies through internal departmental convergence.

Natural rubber production increased somewhat despite the shutdown of Covid

Rubber Board has made serious efforts to sustain the rubber sector in an inclusive way by formulating and disseminating innovative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly R&D and expansion strategies. RTI uses this expertise to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for the self-reliance and growth of all links in the rubber industry’s value chain.