Complete Guide – Choosing A Water Pool Slide For Individuals.

Complete Guide – Choosing A Water Pool Slide For Individuals.

Who has never dreamed of having a slide to land directly in their swimming pool? There is no age limit for having fun with a swim and a slide in the pool. To multiply the pleasures of water games, the slide is the ideal pool equipment to install. There are so many models out there that you will be spoiled for choice when you are in a pool equipment store.

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Prioritize the safety of future users:

Complete Guide – Choosing A Water Pool Slide For Individuals.

You probably already know who the people who are going to use the slide in your pool are. If this is equipment for your family, take into account, among other things, that your children and their friends will be playing it.

Install an inflatable slide for your pool

  • Prefer an inflatable model for young children. This kind of water slide has been designed to allow the little ones a safe slide.
  • Opt for a reasonably wide inflatable slide, where your children can slide with their buoys.

A high, rigid, and steeply sloping slide for older children. Young people and adults also like to slide, to relax. You can then choose plastic models, more rigid.

However, pay attention to the weight that the slide can support. A fall can happen quickly. If you want your slide to help a lot of weight, choose a quality and rigid product.

Predict the types of users:

When you visit a supplier of aquatic equipment for camping or leisure parks, the salesperson will undoubtedly ask you, “for whom do you intend to use this installation?”. ” The characteristics of your slide are essentially based on the answer to this question.

  • Choosing a slide made with resistant materials is essential if it is intended to accommodate teenagers and adults. Go for polyethylene models designed to withstand various shocks and possible deformations. This material is appreciated for its high anticorrosive capacity.
  • It is advisable to choose a water slide equipped with a wide ramp ladder to spare users from any falls.

Choose an easy-to-install model.

By opting for a rigid pool slide, you will probably need the help of the delivery person to install it. However, if you want to eliminate this obligation, you can let yourself be seduced by an inflatable version.

Using a simple pump, you can quickly enjoy a slide in your pool. No need to follow all the assembly steps.

Create your leisure center with a specific slide

Do you have children and are you planning to host all your friends too? Consider getting a different selection of pool slides.

  • Order a model with a gentle slope for the joy of children;
  • Challenge the most daring of your loved ones to descend a vertiginously sloping toboggan.
  • Adults who like to participate in water games without seeking too much thrill will be entitled to a model with a gentle incline.

Consider your financial possibilities.

If you are one of those people who can spend lavishly, buy a high-quality pool slide designed for all ages.

To make a more thoughtful purchase, compare models suitable for different users. The most affordable on the market is the inflatable slide, available at different prices.

Plan a budget for slides over 2 m high. The more expensive ones are equipped with playful and sophisticated accessories.