Concrete Leveling – A Practical Way To Repair Cracked Or Settled Concrete


Concrete leveling can be used to repair cracked or swollen concrete slabs, whether you are building a home or a commercial property. The procedure is fairly inexpensive and less laborious than replacement of concrete.

Repairs for residential projects typically take just a few hours. For commercial projects the process could take a couple of days. The concrete leveling process usually costs between one-third and one-half of cost of replacing the slab.

Uneven concrete can cause hazards for pedestrians and vehicles. For instance, if you drive over the concrete, it may make hollow sounds. It may also cause decks to pull away from the porch and house to appear to be misaligned. It can also cause cracks in siding or exterior brick. It is crucial to repair these issues prior to when the installation of a new floor. It is also crucial that moisture is taken care of in concrete. Even the best repairs will be affected by moisture.

The first step in leveling a concrete slab is find and drill small holes at strategically spots. A concrete leveling product is then injected into the holes. There are various types of concrete leveling products available according to the dimension and shape of the area to be leveled. Some products can be used dry, while others require water. The product is spread over the concrete surface by using the gauge rake.

Concrete Leveling Contractors Brecksville products can be injecting directly into concrete cracks. Self-leveling foam, which is a polymer compound, can be used. It is powder and is applied to concrete. The foam cures between 30 minutes to an hours.

Another option for concrete leveling is the mudjacking. This involves injecting a slurry under the concrete slab. The slurry is made up of cement, water, sand, and water. The mixture is then pumped underneath the concrete slab, which lifts the concrete’s surface back to its original height. Mudjacking is best used when the concrete is not able to carry heavy loads.

The process could take a couple of hours based on the size of your slab. It may take several days for larger commercial projects.

When searching for a concrete leveling firm it is crucial to select a company with a good reputation. It is also crucial to make sure the company is licensed.

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The process can take less time depending on the type of concrete you select. Contrary to concrete replacement, concrete leveling does not require a permit from the city’s building department. Concrete leveling is also less harmful than pouring concrete concrete new concrete.