ConnectWise Expands Safety, Enterprise Administration Software program Choices for MSPs


ConnectWise has taken several steps to strengthen and expand its cybersecurity and business automation software for managed IT service providers (MSPs) and technology solution providers (TSPs).

The new developments include:

  • An expanded partnership with SentinelOne;
  • a free version of BrightGauge Business Intelligence software for MSPs; and
  • Updates to ConnectWise Manage, a Professional Services Automation (PSA) software platform for MSPs.

The new developments were revealed during the IT Nation Explore 2021, a virtual event that provides comprehensive product training to ConnectWise partners and customers.

ConnectWise and SentinelOne Expand Partnership

On the security front, ConnectWise expanded its relationship with SentinelOne – a major provider of EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) software.

The SentinelOne-ConnectWise relationship initially included ConnectWise’s SOC (Security Operations Center), which ConnectWise acquired as part of the 2019 Continuum M&A deal. say the two companies.

Additionally, the two companies are “actively working on unique integrations within the ConnectWise platform for added value” for MSPs and Technology Solution Providers (TSPs).

ConnectWise BrightGauge, ConnectWise Manage improvements

In the enterprise management software space, ConnectWise introduced enhancements to BrightGauge and ConnectWise Manage.

BrightGauge is a business intelligence (BI) and reporting software platform for MSPs that ConnectWise acquired as part of the Continuum M&A deal in November 2019. Continuum acquired BrightGauge in January 2019. BrightGauge typically competes with ConnectSmart and MSPCFO, among other software solutions.

The latest BrightGauge enhancements include BrightGauge Essentials, a free version of BI software. According to ConnectWise, BrightGauge Essentials provides four pre-built dashboards and three reports with “actionable financial and operational metrics for a quick and easy set up to see the health of a partner’s business.” BrightGauge Essentials is rolling out “in the coming weeks,” free of charge for all ConnectWise Manage partners, the company said.

ConnectWise Manage is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) software platform. The latest improvement is ConnectWise Manage Billing Reconciliation, a new feature that “provides accurate, timely, usage-based cloud reconciliation reconciliation of supplier invoices,” the company said. As a result, users can “reconcile their manual billing tables for any vendor or distributor in less than 10 minutes,” says ConnectWise.

ConnectWise supports partner support

Regardless, ConnectWise has tacitly increased its workforce and taken other steps to improve partner support, CEO Jason Magee told ChannelE2E in an interview earlier this week. Magee also outlined various priorities in business, research and development, diversity, and cybersecurity during the conversation. We will provide a summary of this interview in the coming days. Stay tuned.