Constructing peaceable coexistence by means of tech entrepreneurship


For the next two weeks, Israel’s south is welcoming young Israelis and Palestinians to try to “program” a better future.

Daniel Farber Ball 17:3806/01/21

A unique tech seminar for Israelis and Palestinians started this week in southern Israel and lasted through June 11th. Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs, Palestinians from the West Bank and a participant from East Jerusalem form a diverse cohort at the event organized by Tech2Peach, an NGO dedicated to promoting coexistence through technology, entrepreneurship and dialogue.

Tech2Peace seminar Photo: Tech2Peace

The aim of the seminar is to foster peace and personal relationships through technology as participants acquire key skills and learn useful practices such as 3D design, app development, web building, and more. Participants will also meet the Swiss Ambassador to Israel, Jean-Daniel Ruch, as well as executives from Microsoft and Google, as well as other entrepreneurs and industry representatives.

During the entire seminar, which takes place in the Make Arava center in Hazeva, about an hour and a half north of Eilat, the participants concentrate on their own individual projects, develop them with the help of seminar staff and experts and become Tech2Peace alumni after graduation -Group.

Zakariyeh Adileh, an East Jerusalem-based former Tech2Peace alumni, said, “The experience of attending the seminar is immensely important – tech careers in a heterogeneous group whose members dream and think ideas for startups that paint the world with hope “, he added.

Irwin Boutboul, founder of Google for Startups Accelerator: Sustainable Development Goals, said, “This is the fourth time I’ve joined Tech2Peace and had the opportunity to communicate with great people through the lens of technology and innovation.” The Google executive said, “Participants understand that the differences between them are actually a unique asset when it comes to building an overall society. Each seminar has been an amazing experience for them, but also for me.”