Covid-19 Particular Report – Race To The End Line: SBI Analysis


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In India, we have 51 cases of the Delta Plus variant in 12 states by the end of June.

The number of new cases in the top 15 districts, which are predominantly urban, increased again in June. But the good thing is that her death rate has been constant for 3 months.

However, the county’s share of new cases has refused to decline significantly since July 2020 when it broke through 45% and has fluctuated since then. Vaccination seems like the only answer.

Global data shows that the peak cases from the third wave are, on average, about 1.7 times the peak cases at the time of the second wave.

India hit its second wave peak on May 7th and according to the latest data, India can see around 10,000 cases around the second week of July. However, the falls can increase in the second half of August!

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