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To help people see where the chakras appear in their own lives, intuitive healers Dana Childs and Cyndi Dale describe the chakras as if they were human beings with their own strengths, weaknesses and motivations. Childs and Dale hope we see parts of ourselves in the chakra personality types that placed them from — believe that a better understanding of these energies can be a launch pad for our own growth. Her new book Chakras, Food and You is a guide to discovering the chakras within yourself, your habits, and your lifestyle. There is simple advice on how to nourish your unique energies through diet and self-care.

Understand your main chakra

By Dana Childs and Cyndi Dale

We believe that you can understand a person – their strengths, weaknesses, and even their motivations – through the formation of their chakras. Think of it as an energetic horoscope focused not on planets and stars, but on the subtle prisms of sound and light that create your inner and outer reality.

In case this is new to you: Chakras are invisible energy centers that interact with each other, the external environment and other living beings. Everyone has a unique formation of chakras. Some of your chakras will express themselves more strongly and others less, but everyone tends to have a chakra that is central to their true self. Locating this main chakra – and understanding the energy that makes you special – can help you develop greater confidence and ease in caring for yourself, achieving optimal health, and serving your purpose.

We will describe the strengths, weaknesses and inspirations of each chakra. Match yourself to the most appropriate description. (More than one can and probably will apply.) If it resonates, think about how your main chakra can affect your life: What patterns do you see within yourself? What practices nourish you?

First Chakra: The Manifesto

You are the builder and manifesting expert of the chakra zodiac, motivated by success and achievement. You can come up with something you want to do and bam! You do it. Why? Because hard work and a strong work ethic are ingrained in your bones. You are reliable and decisive. On the other hand, you can struggle with distractions or overwhelm yourself. Be aware that if you don’t consciously strike a good job balance, your hard work ethic can slide into workaholism.

Second chakra: The Creator

You feel the feelings and indulge in the sensuality. No matter what you do – paint, write, design or arrange numbers on a balance sheet – you will do it with a creative flair. You are creative and have a high style. You honor emotions, beauty and sensuality. Just be careful that emotions – yours or anyone else’s – don’t take control and require you to sabotage yourself. But avoid feeling guilty. Make sure that the purpose of an emotional check-in is to balance your integrity. Do not indulge in it.

Third chakra: the thinker

Your brain ticks like a computer while you are constantly processing data, thoughts and ideas. They thrive on positivity and are motivated by a can-do attitude. You are logical, structured and intellectual. You will thrive if you create a plan and fill in all the details. However, you are prone to other people’s judgments and your own pesky perfectionism which can be crippling. You will be successful if you set clear boundaries and adhere to them, refrain from making excuses and do not take the attitudes of others personally.

Fourth chakra: the relative

You lead from your heart and believe that life is happier when shared. Basically, you are a love ball who wants to heal others with compassion and acceptance. What makes you stand out is that you share your things, your thoughts, and yourself. But you tend to become addicted to love, which can lead to an imbalance in giving and receiving. Be careful not to take other people’s problems personally or define your own worth in how well you support others. Codependency won’t do you any good.

Fifth chakra: the communicator

Share, learn, teach – these are the activities that inspire you. You live to explore the philosophical. You value all forms of communication and your ability to tell stories with expressiveness, enthusiasm and perfect wording can attract everyone’s attention. Most of all, you have an obligation to seek and speak the truth. That means you are giving good advice. Just be careful when trying to impress someone – it can be tempting to blaspheme a little. Avoid brooding thoughts if possible, or they will run amok in your head and cause fear.

Sixth chakra: the visualizer

To see the big picture is thrilling. Not only can you imagine the possible outcomes of the present, but you can also be aware of the nuances of the past. You can also visualize and then create the most appealing spaces. Beauty matters. Design rules. Since you are visualizing, most of your decisions will be made by a well thought out strategy. Be careful to check yourself for false perceptions and don’t get so self-centered that you overlook the needs of others. When creating beauty, be careful not to be obsessed with perfection. Remember that beauty comes from within, not just from the outside.

Seventh Chakra: The Spiritist

You illuminate every room with your devotion to your mind. They have key spiritual qualities such as ethics, values ​​and justice. Your main motivation is to act in harmony with your higher power. Ultimately, you are a seeker forced to find your purpose and help others do the same. Because of this, through meditation and prayer, you thrive and you have natural wisdom. However, all of these insights can lead you to believe you have all the answers. Watch out for an inflated ego and keep an eye on prejudice, moodiness, and grandiosity. Allow yourself to be human. Instead of hiding behind spiritual beliefs, be honest with yourself about your own emotional and psychological problems.

Dana Childs is an intuition, energy healer and teacher. She leads workshops, online courses, and retreats to help others open up their own intuitive gifts.

Cyndi Dale is a writer, intuition, and healer. She works one on one with clients to help them better understand their energies, heal themselves, and optimize their performance.