Delhi Ability and Entrepreneurship College indicators MoU to coach, place college students in Japan


Image source: FACEBOOK

Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University

Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) has signed an MoU to train and place students in Japan, it said in an official statement on Tuesday. “The university has entered into an exclusive partnership with the HI-NO-DE Foundation, together with Ichishin Holdings Co. Ltd., to implement the Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) to train young people in India, especially those who to qualify and mediate in Delhi, “it said.

This partnership aims to transform the skills ecosystem through an exchange program between students from India and Japan, the statement said, adding that the intention is to provide the youth with the best opportunities to work in Japan. “We have officially registered with HI-NO-DE and Ichishin in order to be able to send students from India, especially from Delhi, to Japan,” said DSEU Vice Chancellor Neharika Vohra at the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

“It is the beginning of a great relationship that is not only international but also with a country that we have a great relationship with (Japan),” she said. The apprentices selected for Japan under this program would not only acquire skills at an international level, but also receive “impressive” salary packages through their internship in the country, the statement said.

Through this partnership with HI-NO-DE, DSEU hopes to train as many young people as possible in different job categories, she added. The TITP is expected to be introduced in October. In addition, students will also learn Japanese from teachers in Japan, the statement said.

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