Digital entrepreneurship coaching packages for Detroiters launched


ProsperUs Detroit and TechTown Detroit announced entrepreneurship training programs that allow attendees to virtually learn how to run a business.

The two entrepreneurship training programs are for those entrepreneurs in Metro Detroit who want to learn more or need an extra boost to get started.

Here you can find information on how to register for the training programs:

ProsperUs Detroit hosts annual business training courses

ProsperUs Detroit is looking for entrepreneurs to participate in its training program, which is focused on providing the fundamentals of running a business.

The non-profit organization runs its entrepreneurship training program twice a year and can mentor 60 entrepreneurs in each cohort. All classes are held virtually, and in order to give each entrepreneur personal attention, there are only 12 participants in each class.

“Our program includes 11 sessions as the business plan evolves,” said Chanell Scott Contreras, Executive Director of ProsperUs. “We love to involve attendees who either have a really freaky idea or are starting their business and even doing some transactions and are really ready to get that plan down on paper.”

The training program was launched in 2012 to support neighborhood entrepreneurs, people with low to middle incomes, and people of skin color, said Scott Contreras. Some of the program’s content includes learning to register a business, finance and accounting, marketing plans, operations, hiring, and pitching.

“We have approximately 1,300 graduates from the training program and have now given nearly 100 companies access to capital in the form of our microloans,” said Contreras.

“We run a training program in the spring so applications are closed by the end of this month. Then we run the fall program and applications are usually due by the end of August.”

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Online application for the program ends January 31st at 11:59 PM and is only open to applicants who live in Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park. Thanks to donors, the cost to attend the program is $ 75 – with about $ 1,000 worth of course materials, Scott Contreras said.

TechTown is starting a new, free 12 month training course

TechTown Detroit will launch a virtual 12 month series where entrepreneurs can learn from local small business owners how to get started and run a business.

A video is posted each month that focuses on a topic related to running a business. Videos will be available in an online library format where attendees can view content at any time. The January video focuses on social media management techniques and content curation, moderated by Juan Carlos Dueweke-Pérez of Featherstone Moments.

There is also a live session at the end of each month where attendees can interact with each month’s special guest and ask questions.

“It’s for everyone and it doesn’t matter if this is your first time hearing about TechTown,” said Devin Kuziel, manager of entrepreneurship education for TechTown Detroit. “If you have some really great ideas for your business, or if you have one but want to formalize them, feel free to join us. Know that this series of training is for you, but there are a number of other services available at TechTown as well and in metropolitan Detroit, who are here to serve you. ”

Registration is available on the TechTown Detroit website and there is no registration deadline. With financial support from the Walters Family Foundation, the 12-month series is free to small business owners in Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park, and TechTown alumni.

“The foundation is excited to support entrepreneurs in partnership with TechTown. Empowering entrepreneurs is vital to our state’s economic prosperity, especially during the troubled times of the pandemic, ”said Matt Walters, trustee of the Walters Family Foundation, in a press release.

February will focus on small businesses adopting technology. The host is Marvin Williams, founder and owner of Logical Owl. Williams will discuss various internet connections, hardware devices, cybersecurity, and choosing a point of sale system. The month of March is dedicated to e-commerce.

To register for the ProsperUs Detroit program, register here on the website. To enroll in the TechTown Detroit program, sign up here.

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