Dr. Nyan Encourages Deprived Youths “Zogos” on Entrepreneurship and COVID-19 vaccination


Dr. Nyan with disadvantaged Liberian youth in May 2021.

During his annual visit to the New Georgia Estate, Liberian scientist Dr. Dougbeh Nyan with a group of mostly neglected and disadvantaged youth (known locally as “Zogos”) about the COVID-19 vaccination and the entrepreneurship involved to improve their lives.

According to a press release, the event was organized by the Angie Brooks International Center (ABIC), which runs a rehabilitation program for youth affected by the long year of civil war, economic displacement, and those dealing with drugs and other regulated substances .

The Angie Brooks International Center is an institution focused on promoting peace and security and improving women’s leadership and participation in national or international political life. ABIC is currently led by Advisor Yvette Chesson-Wureh as Executive Director and former Liberian Foreign Minister, Ms. Olubanke King-Akerele, as Chair of the Board.

As part of his engagement in the community, Dr. Nyan, who is also a social activist, about his life challenges and successes from childhood to his current professional status as a doctor and scientist, to relate to the situation of the young people and hope to convey it.

He told the youth, “It is difficult, but success comes through determination and perseverance.” You need to be disciplined, consistent, and patient to be successful in the small business initiatives you are part of. “

“You didn’t choose to be like this [disadvantaged];; It’s the social conditions that made you feel like this, ”said Dr. Nyan, former Liberian student and youth leader at the Liberian National Students Union (LINSU) and the Student Unification Party (SUP).

The Liberian scholar emphasized, “You need to be consistent, committed and steadfast in the rehabilitation program as these are resources gathered by ABIC to support your recovery and entrepreneurship to make you self-employed and independent.”

“Although I was banned from school twice for campaigning for democracy and was sent to prison and exile by the former Liberian military government for political reasons, I never gave up hope, but remained courageous. So you should do the same, ”he added.

He also advised teenagers to continue protecting themselves from COVID-19 with a mask and hand washing, and encouraged them to take the COVID-19 vaccination if they have the chance and are entitled to. He dispelled rumors about the vaccines and affirmed that the vaccines are safe, effective, and free.

The scientist thanked the Angie Brooks International Center (ABIC) for the invitation and applauded the young people for their attention.

During his return to Liberia, Dr. Nyan recently conducted numerous COVID-19 vaccination awareness-raising seminars, community engagement, and radio and national television broadcasts, with many citizens now responding to taking the vaccines.