E-Cell, IIT Bombay is again with the 16th version of their annual entrepreneurship fest, E-Summit 2021


Entrepreneurship, starting and running a business requires a lot of hard work and patience. Entrepreneurs work tirelessly to get their business started and successful. The year 2020 presented additional challenges for companies with entrepreneurs, which developed various ways of overcoming the health and economic crisis.

Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell), a non-profit organization run by students at IIT Bombayis ready to launch the 16th chapter of its annual entrepreneurship festival, E-Summit 2021: A Snowstorm of Ingenuity, to celebrate and recognize the entrepreneurs who have been strong during the troubled times.

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E-Summit 2021 is a two-day virtual event presented by WestBridge Capital, supported by IDFC FIRST Bank and in collaboration with Rakuten, and is planned for February 6th and 7th, 2021.

The event calls on everyone who believes in innovation, great ideas and entrepreneurship to join the event Workshops, conclaves, competitions and challenging hackathons will take place as part of the E-Summit 2021.

“At E-Cell IIT Bombay, we take every opportunity to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship. Whether students or professionals, we try our best to cater to everyone’s needs, ”said Akash Khonde, the overall coordinator at E-Cell.

According to the non-profit, the event will help connect graduates and students from startups for relevant experiences with startups. It is The Seed Stars initiative aims to help small startups obtain VC opportunities for scaling their products across different markets. The startups can present their ideas to the selected investor panel.

The 2021 E-Summit will also be included “The Ten Minute Million” Program in which startups are shortlisted Pitch a 10-minute pitch in front of a group of angel investorsfollowed by a local decision on financial support. The organization claimed that victorious startups could have the chance to raise more than Rs 20 lakh in funding.

The summit will be attended by pioneers in business, technology and journalism.

Speakers include Jordan Belfort – author of The Wolf of Wall Street, Manish Sisodia – deputy CM of Delhi, Baba Ramdev – founder of Patanjali, Ritesh Agarwal – founder and CEO of Oyo Rooms and Kunal Bahl – founder and CEO of Snapdeal. They will talk about entrepreneurial travel, starting up, entrepreneurship, and more.

If you are an innovator and entrepreneur at heart this event might be for you.

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