ED: Unleashing the spirit of entrepreneurship


Much of our growth and development is due to the dynamism of the private sector

Entrepreneurship is what drives a country forward, but the reality is that entrepreneurs, no matter how brilliant they may be, cannot be successful on their own. The young, enterprising minds of Bangladesh need a supportive environment: they need encouragement and they need adequate funding. In addition, they must have unnecessary and pointless barriers to business – such as red tape and red tape – to get as far from their path as possible. Only then will entrepreneurship flourish in this country.

It is absolutely wonderful to see that seven start-ups and entrepreneurs are recognized for their work by the Bangladesh Founding Institute. The innovations these startups are working towards aim to improve living standards and create jobs through the use of information technology. If these startups could be successful, they could do wonders for our economy and encourage other entrepreneurs on the same path.

Kudos to the founding institute Bangladesh for inviting budding entrepreneurs to build a technology business. We need more platforms like these – platforms that encourage and control the growth of innovative ideas instead of shutting them down.

This year, Bangladesh celebrates its 50th anniversary. Economically and technologically, we have come a long way since our impoverished days immediately after the war. Much of our growth and development is due to the dynamism of the private sector. However, if we are to achieve our true potential in the years to come, our businesses must evolve over time.

This means embracing the future, embracing new technologies, and embracing the fresh ideas of young entrepreneurs – even ideas that are opposed by those who are used to doing things the old way.