eight Enterprise Administration Apps for Pavement Contractors


The industry is constantly evolving, new devices and techniques are being introduced, customers expect high quality work in half the time. To keep your business up to date and to stay ahead of your competition, using apps can help fuel the growth and success of your business.

“With the use of software and apps, everything you need is always at hand,” said Tom Eosso, President of Eosso Brothers Paving. “No important documents like proposals and contracts, sitemaps, hit lists and more that get lost in the shuffle.”

From project managers to workers, everyone has a smartphone or tablet. This is a great time to improve efficiency and speed project lead times with mobile solutions. We have found a few applications that can help you start your search.

Project management

Base camp

Basecamp is a project management tool that allows teams to communicate with fewer meetings. Break up work on separate projects. Each project contains everything that has to do with the work at hand – participants, discussions, documents, tasks, important data, etc.

  • The app works on iOS, Android, Mac and PC
  • Clear accountability and insight into everyone’s responsibilities
  • Upload documents and files to save information about this project
  • Chat casually with the group or share information with a group chat feature

Plaster soft

New pvm softThis application is a project management tool that also serves as a measurement and order calculation platform.

  • Track and manage customers, leads, properties, managers and opportunities
  • Measure properties, draw and record work areas
  • Prepare custom bids and share thought emails or text with clients
  • Generate work orders, printing instructions, material specification sheets or production notes
  • Use the calendar tool to plan crews and jobs
  • Pavement Soft can be integrated into Quickbooks, Amazon web services, Google Maps, Hubspot, Chrome and Docusign


Pro cruimagePROcru offers a dashboard that eases the guesswork and offers a workflow from start to finish.

  • Customer Relation Management (CRM): Enter site, property manager and company information in one place
  • Suggestions: Set reminders for existing offers and opportunities, and increase conversion rates
  • Estimation: Data that is collected can be entered into a proposal workflow
  • Scheduling: The scheduling management tool increases productivity and optimizes communication for employees and customers
  • Reporting: Management reports provide insights into understanding and controlling the business. Real-time numbers can be accessed around the clock for every job in the system

Measurements & order costs

Go iPave

This cloud-based software makes it quick and easy for road construction companies to measure and bid orders with area images more precisely, more efficiently and more safely.Goipave2

  • Using point-and-click measurement tools, contractors can create proposals
  • Reduce the driving time and fuel costs associated with measuring properties
  • Works for all types of real estate – commercial, residential, industrial, airports, homeowners associations
  • Integrated into intelligent business tools such as Microsoft Excel
  • Easily save, print, or email photos or suggestions
  • Web-based program, does not require software installation

WheelitoffWheel it out

This application is a measurement tool that integrates with PavementLayers.com and allows users to create, manage and track proposals.

  • Pavement Layers (Hand in Hand with Wheel It Off) is a cloud-based solution for prospecting, sales pipeline, valuation / operation, quotation management and integration.
  • The integration includes Quickbooks, ProSite Audit and Wheel It Off
  • Wheel It Off contains 10 different map views available
  • Available for Android and iOS systems
  • Tracking mode for measuring while you walk

Fleet management


Samsara provides real-time visibility insights on a platform to increase security and efficiency.

  • Manage operations from one place – identify efficiency improvements by keeping track of all your machines in a cloud-based dashboard
  • Optimize project delivery – real-time GPS, planning for your entire fleet
  • Protect Your Team – Make Sure Your People Are Safe On The Road And At The Construction Site With Dash Cams And Safety Coaching Tools
  • Turn data into actionable insights in one central location

To step

Tread is a mobile platform that makes the business of transporting raw materials in the industry more profitable, efficient, productive and efficient E ticket copyconnected. It also provides insight into a workflow that has historically been paper based.

  • Paperless e-ticketing solution
  • Flexible planning and shipping
  • Real-time and historical analysis
  • Optimize truck routes and material movements – live GPS tracking

Verizon Connect

Track vehicles on-site, improve operations, increase employee productivity and promote safe driving with Verizon Connect.

  • GPS tracking for all devices
  • Visibility for managing multiple construction sites and resourcesVerizon Connect
  • Integrated video options to reduce risk for safer driving behavior
  • Sending and transferring job assignments directly to a user’s smartphone with the mobile app

There are a plethora of apps and cloud-based programs that can be used. Another tip that Eosso shared: “Always test apps on site before introducing them to the company.” With the right planning and implementation, the software you choose can transform the way you work and improve the customer experience.

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