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The editors at Solutions Review compiled this list to highlight some of the best Michael Managers SAP training courses that project managers should consider enrolling.

SR finds 106SAP is one of the leading business software solutions for manufacturing, service, retail, wholesale and other organizations worldwide. In addition to the ERP platform, SAP also offers solutions for material requirements planning (MRP), transport management, materials management, reorder point planning (RPP) and financial management. Given the popularity and flexibility of SAP’s various platform solutions, our editors have compiled a list of the best SAP training courses available from Michael Management, a leading provider of SAP training courses.

The SAP training courses listed below are all available on Michael Management’s website. They are aimed at project managers and administrators who want to improve their mastery of SAP supply chain, inventory, workflow management, material planning, MRP and logistics solutions. click on the GO TO TRAINING Link to learn more about each course and to register. The programs are listed alphabetically.

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The best SAP training courses for project managers at Michael Management

Course name: Basic SAP logistics configuration

OUR OPINION: Aimed at SAP project managers, consultants, and IT teams, this course will provide you with the SAP logistics skills you need to successfully configure the software to meet the needs of the customer or project you’re for are responsible.

Description: SAP configuration experts and consultants are in constant demand. With this three-hour course, the students develop a solid basis for the navigation and optimization of SAP cross-application objects and learn which configurations are possible within the SAP platform. Additional skills and topics covered include configuring notifications, controlling standard variations, using tiered column layouts, using SPRO for configurations, setting up classification systems with specific characteristics, and more. After completing the course, participants will receive their certificate for basic SAP logistics configuration.


Course name: Effectively optimize stocks with SAP

OUR OPINION: This course uses a series of instructor-led lessons and a final quiz to help you understand the factors, metrics, and tools involved in using SAP systems to plan and optimize inventory levels.

Description: Inventory is one of the most valuable and expensive investments a company makes, which means it must be properly managed and maintained to ensure customer satisfaction and the company’s profitability. This six-hour, instructor-led course gives SAP users the insight they need to understand complex inventory concepts and learn to align inventory strategies with business goals. Participants will also learn how to set parameters in SAP to control inventory and familiarize themselves with the different inventory types and the requirements associated with them.


Course name: Features and functions in SAP material planning

OUR OPINION: With this compact course, you can refine and expand your understanding of the various tools available through the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) of SAP ECC and learn to get the maximum benefit from them.

Description: This 90-minute course is aimed at project managers with moderate experience in handling the scheduling functions of SAP. In nearly twenty bite-sized lessons, students learn to use SAP’s MRP functions, understand planning results, set up ideal configuration settings for MRP functions, use scheduling margin keys, master phased planning, and much more.


Course name: Planning bases in SAP

OUR OPINION: If you are new to SAP software, this entry-level course will help you become familiar with the various planning functions and concepts that you would like to be familiar with.

Description: Planning is one of the fundamental functions in any organization, regardless of size or industry. This course was specially developed for SAP beginners and provides an introduction to the various planning functions of the SAP software. This includes topics such as the relationship between supply and demand, the basics of MRP functionalities, forecasting tools, the use of reorder point planning (RPP) tools, and other elements that can prove critical to business success.


Course name: Remote execution of a SAP implementation

OUR OPINION: Implementing any software you want can be a daunting task, but doing it remotely introduces a whole host of new complications. In this course, you will learn how to avoid common challenges and how to streamline SAP system implementations.

Description: This three-hour course walks students through the SAP implementation process, teaching them how to identify and avoid obstacles, and outlines strategies for choosing and implementing a SAP platform with a virtual team. Other topics of the instructor-led training include project implementation strategies, team training practices, and preparing a team for the implementation and subsequent maintenance of a SAP software solution.

Course name: SAP long-term planning (PP-MP-LTP)

OUR OPINION: This course helps project managers, consultants, and general users leverage the long-term planning capabilities of SAP to develop and execute planning scenarios.

Description: The Long Term Planning (LTP) module from SAP is an MRP tool that allows planners to generate scenarios based on operational data, copy results into operational plans, and create reports. In this course, SAP project managers learn how to use the planning tools from SAP, develop their own requirements, carry out LTP scenarios, analyze the results and, if necessary, copy the resulting data and use them to create reports. The course is aimed at advanced SAP users and can be completed in around four hours.


Course name: SAP MRP – Simple and easy to understand

OUR OPINION: This course is aimed at SAP users who want to familiarize themselves with the MRP functionalities of the software. This course uses straightforward explanations and system demos to help you get the most out of SAP MRP features.

Description: Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a critical tool for companies that need to plan and manage the quantities and schedules of their materials. This introductory course helps SAP users in various roles to operate an MRP system, understand MRP signals, analyze material requirements and use the various parts of an MRP system effectively. The course can be completed in less than three hours and is an ideal starting point for teams to familiarize themselves with the materials requirements planning tools available in SAP.


Course name: Supply chain management overview

OUR OPINION: Supply Chain Management is one of the main modules of SAP’s ERP solution, and this 90-minute training course ensures that you are familiar with all of the tools and insights you need to use the features effectively.

Description: Supply chains are the backbone of countless markets around the world, and supply chain management (SCM) software systems are responsible for ensuring that they continue to function effectively. This course helps project managers improve their understanding of SCM strategies, understand which SAP modules can be used for SCM purposes, and identify the steps to improve supply chain management strategies.


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