Emirates Information Company – UAE Authorities equips Nationwide Service Programme members with entrepreneurship, digital financial system expertise


DUBAI, April 4, 2021 (WAM). Major General Pilot Sheikh Ahmed bin Tahnoun bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, chairman of the National Service and Reserve Authority (NSR), acknowledged that the leadership guidelines for equipping National Utility Program participants with future skills have helped promote their vital role in improving various economic sectors and technological sectors. It also helped them acquire the necessary expertise to improve their contribution to the UAE digital economy in the next phase.

He added that the National Service and Reserve Authority is keen to continue working with various government agencies to improve the skills of its members and use their promising skills to serve UAE society. He stressed that the success of the partnership between the Authority and the National Artificial Intelligence Program in developing fruitful projects in the past has shown the strong will and determination of the youth in the Emirates and their strong belief in their duty to serve their country , illuminated.

This happened during the meeting between Major General Pilot Sheikh Ahmed bin Tahnoun and the participants of the fourth part of the national training program, which was carried out in collaboration with the National Artificial Intelligence Program and in the presence of Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi was organized. Minister of State for Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work, and Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Supreme Commander of Dubai Police.

During the meeting, a new initiative was launched to equip program participants with entrepreneurial skills and improve their practical and specialized knowledge. Participants were encouraged to turn their innovative ideas into startups that would advance the UAE digital economy and help realize the vision and guidelines of wise leadership that focus on the role of entrepreneurs in shaping the future economy .

The initiative aims to familiarize the participants with the main principles of project management and the steps for establishing their future start-ups in the economic and biotechnological sector according to their innovative ideas and to offer investment opportunities to the owners of well-known projects.

The training program focused on developing participants’ skills and preparing them for the future job market and possible changes. It paved the way for them to work with government, private and global institutions and provided support and advice in the early stages of the creation of projects and start-ups in the field of innovation and technology through a specialized committee composed of members from those involved with the Implementation of this initiative concerned bodies.

Dr. Al Falasi said: “The initiative to empower program participants with entrepreneurial skills is in line with our wise leadership’s belief that investing in youth is key and catalyst for development and an important pillar for shaping the future represent our country and our country. ” Ensure sustainable progress based on knowledge and innovation. Enhancing the skills and abilities of the participants is one of the top priorities the government is working on to empower the youth in the Emirates to contribute to the growth, diversification and global competitiveness of the UAE economy in cooperation and partnership with the National Service and Reserve Authority to support the success of this initiative and improve its results. ”

He added, “Incorporating entrepreneurial skills into national service training and empowering youth in the Emirates with entrepreneurship skills and creating SMEs based on innovation and technology is a critical step in building a knowledge economy. This initiative prepares participants for market entry and capitalizes on the benefits and incentives of the entrepreneurship sector in the UAE to build successful trade and investment projects that are proving beneficial to the economy, increasing the sector’s contribution to non-oil GDP and the Preparations would support the UAE for the next 50 years. ”

Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, said the UAE government is working to implement the vision of wise leadership, namely empowering youth with future tools and 4IR technologies. He added that the UAE is focused on enhancing the skills of young people and depends on their passion to compete in the field of modern technology and its applications in all major sectors to serve their society and the pre-eminent position of the UAE under to preserve the industrialized countries.

He emphasized that the training program organized in collaboration with the National Artificial Intelligence Program had seen many inspiring success stories and promising projects. developed by the participants of the Nathe program in their previous sessions; based on the experience and skills they have acquired in advanced technologies such as programming, AI, digital maps and medical technology. Such projects can be carried out to serve the process of sustainable development and build a knowledge-based economy that uses the concepts of creativity and innovation.

In December 2019, the National Service and Reserve Authority signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Artificial Intelligence Program to improve their participants’ skills in the field of AI, familiarize them with the latest global trends, adopt modern technologies and Innovations in various fields through special programs in AI and robotics and training in the latest technological tools to pave the way for their personal and practical development. The training program consists of a series of training courses divided into several phases that focus on improving your programming skills and applying the skills you have acquired to developing software systems and technological projects.

So far, three batches have completed the National Artificial Intelligence Program, which focuses on developing participants’ skills in the field of AI and its applications, developing innovative products and services in advanced technological sectors, and promoting their practical experience.