“Enriching Lives With Entrepreneurship”, Sangram Kumar Das, MD, Hariplast Non-public Restricted


State leadership awards – “Enriching life with entrepreneurship”, Dr. Sangram Kumar Das, Hariplast Private Limited

Very often people get stuck at the beginning of their careers. You find yourself in a dilemma between having a safe and stable job with the comfort of fixed wages but stunted growth and the path of being a precarious entrepreneur who can make the person the most powerful or even turn them into a zero. During this time you will need the guide and support of your loved ones. Mr. Sangram Kumar Das was fortunate to have the proper guidance from his knowledgeable father Shri Himanshu Kumar Das. Therefore, today Mr. Sangram is managing director of the two most successful companies in Odisha-Hari Udyog Private Limited and Hari Marine Private Limited. He is also a member of many other companies such as Hari Distributors, Orissa Rubber Products, SR Aqua Products, Hari Motors and Hari Nageswar.

“Enriching life with entrepreneurship”, Dr. Sangram Kumar Das, Hariplast Private Limited

Mr. Sangram had always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur since childhood. Time and again, his father acted like a catalyst for his dreams, encouraging him to start his business instead of looking for a job. The main reason was that he wanted his son to be powerful and known to the people of Odisha. For this reason, Mr. Sangram founded the Orissa Rubber Unit in 1989 with the great support of his father.

Since then, he has slowly but gradually made his way into diversified companies such as shrimp farms, Honda dealers, Aqua Products and many more. However, the breakthrough year for Mr. Sangram was in 2006 when he founded Hariplast Private Limited. Within a few years, the company became one of Odisha’s leading pipe manufacturers. Finally, in 2016, Mr. Sangram ventured into the export of ships by launching Hari Marine Private Limited, which was also an instant success.

“Enriching life with entrepreneurship”, Dr. Sangram Kumar Das, Hariplast Private Limited

When asked about his greatest achievement in life, Mr. Sangram said: “The greatest success story in my life is that I was able to support the lives of almost 1,000 families. What else would you like? The pride and satisfaction I have when I give almost 1000 employees work and thereby make their and their family life happy is inexplicable. My co-workers are my families; without her i am nothing. “

A businessman never stops. We learn that from the ambitious life of Mr. Sangram. Even after he ventured into several companies and was successful with all of them, he would like to venture into the Home Gas Pipeline connection in the future.

Image source – Hariplast Private Limited

Story by Sayak Karmakar, Resident Editor, Interview Times