Enterprise Administration Platform Jobber Raises $60 Million


  • Jobber – a leading provider of home service management software – recently announced a $ 60 million equity round led by Summit Partners, a global growth investor. These are the details.

Jobber – a leading provider of home service management software – recently announced a $ 60 million equity round led by Summit Partners, a global growth investor. This financing round includes the participation of the existing jobber investors OMERS Ventures and Version One Ventures as well as the participation of the Tech Pioneers Fund for the first time. This growth funding will support further investment in research and development, recruitment and customer acquisition, and will help further accelerate the company’s rapid growth.

Jobber is known for providing an all-in-one SaaS and mobile device solution that serves as the command center for small home service businesses. The company’s platform is designed to manage the entire customer lifecycle – from creating proposals to sending offers to planning crews, dispatching orders, invoicing customers, and accepting personal or electronic payments. More than 100,000 service professionals in 47 countries in 50 service segments use jobbers to keep their jobs up to date, to automate work processes and to communicate with customers.

There are approximately 5 million small and medium-sized household services businesses in the US, contributing over $ 550 billion to the economy each year.

Millions of small businesses faced major challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Home Service category, including lawn maintenance, plumbing, HVAC, electrical wiring and other segments, showed remarkable resilience and benefited from renewed consumer interest in home improvement and investment. Jobber’s latest quarterly Home Service economic report, which includes data from over 100,000 service professionals, shows that median home service company revenue in December 2020 increased 23% year over year, while newly scheduled work also increased year over year are. The trend of digital home service adoption gained momentum before COVID-19, and the pandemic has accelerated it.

Jobber’s SaaS and mobile solutions help service professionals to navigate and work in a contactless world. And they can communicate electronically with customers, send offers and invoices, and accept payments online. This supports a clear long-term shift from cash and checks to “cashless” credit and debit transactions. Jobber Payments – the company’s payment processing solution – grew in volume by over 80% in 2020 and has now processed over $ 1.7 billion in transactions.


“We started Jobber with the aim of helping small businesses and the people behind them be successful. Home service companies are facing ever higher consumer expectations for a more seamless digital experience while working to meet unprecedented demand. We pride ourselves on the positive impact the jobber platform has had on so many small businesses and the service professionals who run them. We look forward to working with Summit as we pursue our mission and build on Jobber’s leadership position in the Home Service category. “

– Sam Pillar, CEO and Co-Founder of Jobs

“Today consumers expect companies to be very responsive and to interact digitally. You want to book services online, pay at the push of a button, have automated reminders and much more. When they need to fix something, customers want real-time information to know the technician’s name and when they’ll be arriving. “

– Forrest Zeisler, CTO and Co-Founder of Jobs

“We believe that the Home Service category is at the early stages of a major digital transformation – and Jobber is paving the way for thousands of small and medium-sized service companies working to integrate digital tools to keep pace with customer expectations. Said Mistele. “The Jobber team combines a strong product vision, a data-driven market perspective and a customer-centric approach – a powerful combination that we believe will support the company’s continued rapid growth. We are very happy to work with the Jobber team – and look forward to the future of this category. “

– Colin Mistele, Principal at Summit Partners, has joined Jobber’s Board of Directors