Enterprise Advantages of Incorporating a Digital Venture Administration Instrument like Zoho


Can a simple tool like online project management software keep your team motivated and enable your company to achieve business goals?

Usually you put the benefits of a specialized online project manager like Zoho Projects on the table. the disadvantages, mechanisms, tricks, comparisons and growth opportunities in deciding on one or the other. But only when we really work with these types of online tools do we find that the possibilities they offer us are wider than we imagined.

After a extensive study of the Project Management Institute (PMI), 70% of the projects are not implemented on time. This can be due to the lack of alignment of goals in the team. Taking human resources into account when implementing a project is one of the main goals of a company.

“Corporate culture begins with how employees see themselves in the company and how they see themselves in the project they are working on.” – Robert Bulger, NANA Pacific.

Another benefit of using Zoho Projects is that managers are not only supported in planning project schedules, but can also control and certify that the process is running effectively.

Managers also need to deal with the people who are part of this project. And the truth is, it’s not exactly an easy task. Many of the obstacles the project encounters in daily life are overcoming the disadvantages of human relationships.

The new generations of employees are revolutionizing the understanding of current work teamsand with it the management of people is completely changing. Today’s talent demands needs and values ​​that are not only found in the economic part of business.

Now the employee is looking for other things. From work-life balance, continuous professional development, new goals, challenges to expectations that bosses will listen to the ideas they bring to the project.

The talent of the people is the basis for good work and for the realization of projects. It is therefore not surprising that many companies not only require skilled personnel, but also have the attitude, creativity and skills to deal with unforeseen events effectively. And that is given by favorable conditions for the people.

We ask ourselves: Why don’t we attract or retain talent in our company? The key lies in motivation, whether it is generated by one working circumstance or another, and this is one of the benefits of using an online project management software like Zoho.

But first … what is Zoho Projects?

It is a web-based comprehensive project management tool. The portal has been in operation for two decades and serves global organizations. Zoho Projects remains a cost-effective tool to empower businesses, whether multimillion dollar corporations or SMBs, to streamline their projects, take advantage of automation, and increase productivity.

Some of the key features of Zoho Projects are:

  • Timer with automated billing
  • Multiple customizable task view
  • Task automation with blueprint
  • Artificial intelligence chat assistant

Now let’s find out what the benefits of the Zoho project are for businesses:

Improves communication

One of the cornerstones of a healthy and transparent work team is effective communication. Thanks to the chat system, users can communicate freely and easily find information and previous comments.

Exchanging ideas, discussing perspectives, exhibiting doubts or issues that jeopardize the proper functioning of the project, and a variety of words that can help hold the team together.

Promotes productivity

The correct and punctual execution of tasks are two necessary prerequisites for describing any motivated and satisfied employee. The day when we can’t do everything we set out to do and the feeling that we can’t finish it can be bitter to say the least.

Ergo, one of the benefits of using an online project management tool that is designed solely to increase the effectiveness of the efforts made is promoting much-needed productivity. Activities are highlighted on the control panel and can be seen by the rest of the team.

So there is no place where tasks can be moved.

Excellence with the customer

One of the different values ​​that companies have is their ability to provide excellent treatment to their customers. Often the excellent treatment comes from a job well done and punctual.

With Zoho, you can keep track of delivery dates at all times. In this way, you put the customer first, and everyone and departments involved in that customer get instant information about their situation.

Imagine if you could share the status of the project with your client: Milestones achieved, delivery dates for future milestones, information about the next meetings and files. When you share this type of project information with your client, you improve transparency, which in turn increases the trust they have placed in you.

The entire value chain in one tool

Integrate all steps in your company’s value chain in one place. From the first contact with the customer to the preparation of a budget, the contract is concluded, you are issued an invoice and customer service.

In addition, you can switch from an offer to a project with a single click. And you can bill project milestones or a fixed amount at the end of a milestone, at the beginning, at the end or at any time in a very simple way.

Forget about a lot of unrelated tools and look for solutions that integrate all of your management in one place. These are the six things that Zoho Projects can do for your business. Relieve the management and concentrate on your teams and your customers.